400 Classic cars at meeting in michelau

Neither the clash of dates with the 150th anniversary of the gymnastics club nor a heavy downpour of rain could do any harm to this year's oldtimer meeting in michelau. Main organizer robert gutgesell, who puts on the mammoth event every year together with the michelauer oldtimerfreuden and their helpers, was satisfied with the result.

Given the cloudless sky, many tractors, cars and motorcycles arrived in the morning hours, so that by eleven o'clock the parking lots in the industrial area and on the adjacent meadowland were well filled. "When it started raining at noon, we thought, "now the visitors are leaving again. But almost all of them have found a place in the dry" oli, as his old-timer friends call him, stated with a grin. "We will certainly have something left over for a donation", said gutgesell; this draw is one of the main concerns for the oldtimer friends, who donate the surplus of their meeting every year to a social institution.

The shower around noon was so heavy that the organizers initially decided to abandon the planned exit of the vehicles to the neighboring villages. But many were happy to prove that their noble cars were suitable for the rain. So there were a few less vehicles for the onlookers to hear rattling through michelau. The full program was on offer in the industrial area, where almost 400 vehicles were registered for the oldtimer meeting 2012. Among the oldest was a roadster from the eisenach motor works, built in 1928, driven by michael neumann from rodental, or the ford A (built in 1930) driven by manuela wuttcke from burgkunstadt. A good acquaintance from earlier meetings was also the ford sedan (year 1931) of bernd wicklein from ebersdorf.

Gulper and zero consumption

Most of the old-timers were from the 50s and 60s. Speculations about the fuel consumption were made at the sight of a cadillac convertible from 1968. Memories of fierce battles at earlier hillclimb races were evoked by the two NSU tts, which willingly gave all car enthusiasts a glimpse of their metal heart in the rear. The two-wheelers and heavy bulldogs were no less enthusiastically discussed. Every spoke shone on the 500 NSU from 1929 and an NSU quickley from 1959 was examined with loving care.

The bridge from the past to the future was built by an opel ampera, year of construction 2012 with electric motor, which was parked directly next to the ford A of manuela wuttcke. But as nice as the electric vehicle is, most of them miss the sound of a real gasoline or diesel engine. The time-honored technology simply makes the heart of a classic car enthusiast beat faster.


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