A stroke of luck for tsv

Holger gohl is a real godsend for TSV kodnitz. As chairman, he not only directs the fate of the sports club, but also always leads the way with his craftsmanship when it comes to tree inspections. Current project: the extensive renovation of the shower and changing rooms in the sports center.

It’s hard to believe, but holger gohl is sacrificing no less than 45 vacation days for his club so that the rooms can be used again in time for the first home game after the winter break.

Almost 1000 hours of work

With holger gohl, the members have so far put in almost 1000 hours of work for this ambitious project. Just under a year ago, the board and committee of the TSV had made the decision to make nails with heads as far as the renovation of the shower and changing rooms was concerned.

"We were constantly having to deal with pipe bursts", remembers committee member peter hauffe. And chairman holger gohl adds: "we had noticed on the exterior walls that the moisture was penetrating. After the last water damage, it was clear: now it’s the end of the line, we have to renew all the supply lines."

It was the best decision, says gohl, because when the partition walls were demolished, it was discovered that they were "soaked to a height of one and a half meters. Action was also necessary because the economic area had been fundamentally renovated only two years ago with a high level of own work and material costs of around 20,000 euros. Peter hauffe: "we couldn’t wait for the water damage to attack this beautifully renovated area as well."

The TSV sports center was built in 1980 almost entirely by the club itself. As hauffe reports, it was learned in retrospect "that there was a very bad copper on the market at the time". That’s why all the old copper pipes had to be removed.

Short time frame

The necessary work was to be completed in a short time window during the winter break. The question arose as to how these costly measures could be financed. "It was a long way. It wasn’t until the grants had been approved that an extraordinary meeting of members was called at the beginning of november, at which the green light was given for the work to be carried out", according to chairman holger gohl.

The cost of materials alone, which the association finances in advance through a loan, amounts to around 35,000 euros, on which the municipality of kodnitz grants a subsidy of 25 percent. In addition, the district of kulmbach approved a grant of 3500 euros for the tsv. Hauffe: "the county was the only one to transfer its subsidy in advance."

The bavarian sports association has also already approved the mabnahme, according to the latest experience, hauffe expects a maximum grant of 13,000 euros.

After the last home game, the crew set off on 20. November on the job. Gohl: "the area of the showers and changing rooms was completely gutted, 40 tons of rubble alone had to be loaded and removed. By 31 december alone. December, our members put in around 900 hours of work." On average, there were ten mannerists on the construction site during the weekends, including young people. "We have a very intact village youth group. Almost all of us are leading the way, which is an additional incentive for us older club members."

Another stroke of luck for TSV is that architect johannes muller, as a member, did the necessary planning free of charge. In the end, the association will have to pay around 10,000 euros of its own funds. For the catch-up game on 8. All work is expected to be largely completed by march.


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