Abbas affirms desire for peace in first un-speech as head of state

Abbas affirms desire for peace in first un-speech as head of state

In his first speech as head of state to the united nations assembly, palastinian president mahmud abbas underscored the will for peace. Peace talks should continue "in good faith, without bias, with clear determination and a firm commitment to success," abbas said thursday in new york. Germany had previously called for security council reform. Iran proposed in the name of the non-aligned a complete abolition of all nuclear weapons.

Abbas said that the talks currently underway, mediated by the USA, are probably the last chance for a just peace. "Time is running out, the window of opportunity for peace is shrinking," said palastine president.

"The mere thought of the catastrophic and fear-inducing consequences of failure must surely move the international community of nations to intensify their efforts to seize this opportunity."

The proclamation of a state of palastina has not harmed negotiations but, on the contrary, has revived a "comatose peace process," said abbas, who addressed the full assembly for the first time as "head of state" rather than "head of delegation" after the body upgraded palastina’s status from observer to observer state last year. "My people want nothing more than the grace of an ordinary life."At the same time, he attacked israel – albeit less sharply than in previous years.

Germany, together with three other states, continues to seek reform of the UN security council. The elders of the so-called G4 group (germany, japan, india and brazil) advocated changes that would "reflect the world of states and the realities of the 21st century". Reflecting the challenges of the twentieth century.". German minister guido westerwelle (FDP) spoke of a "growing dissatisfaction" within the united nations over the current status. However, observers believe that rapid reform is out of the question.

Previously, the UN general assembly had called for a disarmament of nuclear weapons. "Nothing less than the future of humanity is at stake," said un secretary-general ban ki moon. As long as there are nuclear weapons, there is a danger that they will fall into the hands of terrorists or extremists. Therefore, the states with nuclear weapons had a special responsibility, also in the disarmament negotiations. And: "north korea must keep its promises to the international community. Iran must ensure full transparency."

Iranian president hassan ruhani made a far-reaching proposal for disarmament on behalf of the nonaligned movement. He called for the complete abolition of nuclear weapons. "There is no right hand in which these false weapons can lie", he said. "Every weapon is a danger and a crime against humanity"."

Specifically, ruhani called on israel to join the nuclear non-proliferation treaty immediately. "All nuclear activities in the region should be under the control of the IAEA," he said. Iran itself is suspected of seeking nuclear weapons, but strictly denies it.

A speaker who did not speak at all also caused interest: sudanese president omar al-bashir canceled his visit to the plenary session at short notice. Al-bashir faces arrest warrant from international criminal court. Al-bashir’s visit plans to new york had drawn sharp protest from human rights groups.


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