Adelsdorf school offers support after suicide

Adelsdorf school offers support after suicide

Other rumors are also to be prevented: even on tuesday, principal sieglinde groger still shows how much she is concerned about the case. On monday morning, a teacher from the college had discovered the body of a young man.

The 22-year-old had hanged himself from a tree in the courtyard of the adelsdorf elementary school (district of erlangen-hochstadt) in the night from sunday to monday. He was standing under the tree with his back to the schoolhouse, at least that's how it looked from a distance, says sieglinde groger, describing the situation. From the school building, which is a good 50 meters away from the site, even schoolchildren had not been able to see anything more.

No schoolboy
Sieglinde groger sits in the principal's office of adelsdorf elementary school this tuesday with school psychologist ulrike fechter and mayor karsten fischkal (free choice). After much deliberation, it was decided to inform the public in order to prevent rumors that were already circulating on facebook and in adelsdorf. "Everything was quickly sealed off, the break for the schools was suspended", mayor fischkal describes the procedure on monday morning when the man was found. The blinds were closed immediately.

None of the schoolchildren had been able to get a close look at the man, the mayor emphasizes. All rumors to the contrary are not true. Nor that the man from adelsdorf should have had anything to do with the school. It was not a student from the school who took his own life in the elementary school playground.

Letter to parents
The school management has reacted and issued a letter to the parents asking them to respond to any questions the children may have. Also the schools in the individual classes were informed on monday and if necessary help was offered by school psychologists. Ulrike fechter and her colleagues have hours at their disposal at any time.

The young man's motive is unclear, also why he hanged himself in the schoolyard. The criminal police is still investigating.


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