Altenkunstadt daycare center discovers faith

Altenkunstadt daycare center discovers faith

"How would it be if we celebrated a children's service together??", suggested the new evangelical regional youth officer, katrin loos, to the educators when she made her inaugural visit to the kreuzberg daycare center of caritas in the spirit of ocumenism. The offer was gladly accepted and now put into practice.

"God, your good blessing is like a soft nest", was the theme of the joyful devotion that the young clergywoman had prepared for the children. The deaconess, who lives in michelau, has been looking after the children's and youth work of the altenkunstadt/strossendorf church congregation since september.

In addition to the children and the pedagogical staff, a number of mothers also attended the service in the kreuzberg church. In a play, "kirchenrabe" explained willi building a cozy nest with his wife else. And the two of them are very concerned: "after all, we want our children to be warm and comfortable".

Curious as willi is, he wanted to know from the children whether humans also had such a nice nest. "Our home with our parents and brothers and sisters is such a nest", explained katrin loos. "It's a safe place where I like to be and where I feel comfortable. There it is warm and comfortable, there i have everything i need."

Security in the nest
But the people had another nest, another safe home, she made the girls and boys curious. "God also offers us a place like this, where we can feel safe and secure", explained the youth deaconess. The kindergarten kids built a cozy nest out of many pillows and blankets in the altar room of the church and made themselves comfortable in it. "God's love never stops. That's why we take this home with us everywhere – no matter how old we are and where we live", katrin loos paid the children.

The service was accompanied by joyful songs and blessings sung by the clergy on the guitar.

As a memento, she presented each child with a small gift.


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