Ancient knowledge about medicinal herbs can be explored in zeil

ancient knowledge about medicinal herbs can be explored in zeil

At the top of the room for the temporary exhibitions, the volunteers around the city employee gabi stahl have created an interesting combination. Here you can see pictures by eva feichtinger, an illustrator from bad kissingen, as well as inspirations from the world of local herbs.

If you take a look around in the attic, you'll first learn that un-krauter doesn't actually exist. Because herbs are associated with a benefit. Whether dried (as a tea) or preserved in oil (tincture) or alcohol (likor), or even burned as a smoking plant – herbs can unfold their effect in many ways.

The new exhibition gives many hints and impulses, there are lots of recipes and above all objects to be touched and sniffed. "When you screw the glasses back on afterwards", adds christine schroll.

The documentation center

The witch mania can be made comprehensible by the doku center. Even if you won't find any torture instruments here. The horror is revealed even without these objects. Especially with the help of imagination: being lowered into the small icy cellar room, without a connection to the outside world, without a cell phone, without a tablet, full of fear, possibly sick or injured – how awful.

Lovely pictures

The painter eva feichtinger brings a playful element into the building. Inspired by the old town of coburg, she has painted several watercolors with figures that enrich a favorite theme of hers.

A friendly flower witch with her cat. If you look closely, you will be able to recognize the places in front of which feichtinger's fantasy figures move. The pictures are available for purchase, as are small herb samples, which jutta pauly-schroll, the aroma nurse at the hans-weinberger-house, has produced for the exhibition. From lemony lip balm to a lavender-scented fub bath.




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