Bad bruckenau clubs seek replacement hall

Bad bruckenau clubs seek replacement hall

The countdown is on. At the last minute, the city council agreed to a change in the long-planned renovation of the triple gymnasium at the romershag school center. Actually, the work should start already on the first day of the rough vacations. "We're not going to make it, said architect stefan richter.

Back in 2008, the city council decided to renovate the triple gymnasium, which is now 30 years old. At that time, the cost was around 2.8 million euros. In the meantime, however, the planning bureaus richter and helfrich are assuming about 3.1 million. The reason: the entire refurbishment was again considered from an energy point of view. "We are closing the hollow now to save warm", declared judge.

Above all, the windows and a ventilation system on the roof cause the additional costs of about 330.000 euro. In addition, the prices have risen in the meantime. Building will not be cheaper, that much is clear. And that's why the city wants to go through with the renovation, which is scheduled to start this summer. However, there is a catch.

Notice of demand still outstanding
The demand for the building project is long in dry cloths. However, the city also asked for financial support for the additional costs. Since the beginning of may, the grant application has been on the table of the government of lower franconia and the district office of bad kissingen. The city does not yet have an answer.

And this can take time. Two to three months, estimated kammerer leo romeis. However, if the city waits for the approval of the demand, the awarding of the construction work will also be delayed. A renovation in the coming school year would then be out of the question. "It may be that we do not get the additional costs demanded", mayor brigitte meyerdierks (CSU) spoke plainly with her city councilors. She added: "even if we do not assume it."

In the discussion that followed, the rates for and against weighed in and finally backed the city's proposal to go ahead with the redevelopment despite the open to tackle the request. Only city councilors petra hirschmann (CSU) and emanuel fritschka (PWG) voted against the proposal. Nothing now stands in the way of starting construction in the middle of the summer vacations.

The search for replacement halls is tough
A completely different problem was not even discussed in the city council. The schools have been struggling for a long time and have been looking for other halls, so that the schools do not have to do sports for a whole year – because that is how long the construction work is supposed to last. Some clubs, however, are still looking for replacements. "I'm on the street with my kids at the moment", reports thomas dill, athletics coach at TV. Also for other clubs like SV romershag or FC it looks tight.

Weeks ago, meyerdierks was already campaigning for a solution. But that is difficult, after all, gymnasiums of this size are not on every corner. "The TV hall is full. The schools have booked everything that is possible", dill speaks for his club. And the SV romershag has already received written confirmation from the city administration that the traditional three kings tournament will have to be cancelled next year.
"We have to get through this now, meyerdierks said with a view to the problems. In a few weeks there should be another talk between her and the affected clubs.


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