Bad bruckenau: who reaches for the amtskette?

Bad bruckenau: who reaches for the amtskette?

Things are strangely quiet in the town of bad bruckenau when it comes to next year's mayoral elections. No names thrown provocatively into space, no loud voices. At best, there is a quiet grumble here and there, which suggests a certain dissatisfaction with the head of the town hall. Actress some people call brigitte meyerdierks (CSU). One who talks a lot, above all, and does little, say others.

Meyerdierks not yet officially nominated

She herself never made a secret of the fact that she could imagine a second term in office – health permitting. "Up to now they let it fully", says the mayor. "If the CSU nominates me, of course!", she declares her readiness in principle. "I can't imagine any other candidate than the incumbent mayor", says dieter seban. The chairman of the CSU local association had himself thrown his hat into the ring in 2004. This time, he's doing without "because I couldn't do much better". As the third mayor, he also knows very well what the job entails. So far, however, brigitte meyerdierks has not been nominated as an official candidate of the CSU. The date for the nomination meeting has not yet been set.

Those who look around for an opposing candidate traditionally look first to the PWG. The non-party electoral group has already nominated many mayors in the course of the city's history, including thomas ullmann (1998 – 2010), hans rohrmuller (1986 – 1998), at least before his switch to the CSU, ludwig muller (1976 – 1986) and georg robert ratsch (1970 – 1976). It is practically a matter of course for the PWG to put up an opposing candidate, if only for the sake of it.

But birgit poeck-kleinhenz is stonewalling. "No comment", says the faction spokeswoman when asked whether the PWG will put forward an opposing candidate. "No comment", heibt es auch, als der name titus tesar fallt. The deputy spa director of the state spa shows no ambition anyway. Whether the PWG is even satisfied with meyerdierks and forgoes an election campaign? "No comment", poeck-kleinhenz' answer is also here.

SPD basically satisfied

FDP/free voters seem to have been caught cold. "There is still so much time", says faction spokeswoman adelheid zimmermann. And: "I did not want to say anything about it." The SPD is a bit more open. "Nothing is planned, no", benjamin wildenauer immediately rejects speculation that the SPD could send its own candidate into the race. The SPD seems to be satisfied with the head of the town hall. "In principle, we can not complain", says the spokesman for the parliamentary group. "Even if there are always things that we naturally see differently."

Adelheid zimmermann is right about one thing. There is actually still some time to go by. The term of office of the mayor expires on 31 december. October 2016 from. "At the earliest three months before new elections will be held", anton kiefer, head of the city administration, looks ahead. The final date will be set by the district administration in bad kissingen after consultation with the city. But they have decided to wait for the summer vacations. So that means that elections will not be held before mid september.

Meyerdierks himself appears quite relaxed. "Middle school, kindergarten volkers and the kissinger strabe are on the agenda", call them their duty. In addition, it wanted to set its own accents: the redesign of georgi hall and the area opposite waldenfels house in the first place.


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