Bamberg is bursting at the seams

OB stark (SPD) regularly gets into the black when his gaze wanders over the silhouette of the city. Cranes are circling everywhere, work is being done feverishly in many places in the city. At the hospital, a new bed tower is growing tall, albeit with delays; work in the old town is progressing all the faster. The quarter on the city walls, which had caused debate for decades, is nearing completion.

But despite all the baularm the activities seem to be not enough. Low interest rates, population explosion (see also below) and the city's gross attraction let the real estate prices rise to dizzying heights. For many, bamberg is becoming an unaffordable place to live. The hopes of families, singles and seniors now rest on the housing projects in the lagardekaserne, where 1000 units are being built. Housing is also being created in the former US officers' housing estate, which has belonged to the city since 2018. SPD hopes for muna land. After the "off for the business park, the social democrats bet on a "residential area in the main moor forest. 


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