Benker: “have dared to launch important projects”

Benker: 'have dared to launch important projects'

In the first town hall meeting of his term of office, the mayor of marktschorgast, marc benker (CSU), took a lot of time in the gymnasium on friday evening to inform the nearly 20 citizens about the development of the community. The people of marktschorgast seem to be satisfied with his work, because there were only a few comments.

The railroad crossing is missing

The only criticism was the fact that there is no barrier-free crossing at the station. But it’s not the market that’s responsible for this, it’s the railroads. Andreas feulner made it clear that upgrades are urgently needed, especially for older rail passengers. Benker announced that the minister of state, kerstin schreyer, had been invited to an on-site meeting, but the minister had to cancel at short notice due to illness. The mayor promised: "we will continue to work on this issue."

The container landscape

"We dared to prepare and launch important projects that could be decisive for the future of our market", benker stated. He also mentioned the container landscape for the kindergarten on the square. For the necessary expansion of the day care center, there are currently various considerations and location analyses.

Next project: remise

With the conversion of the listed coach house in the rear courtyard of the town hall, a further project costing around 1.9 million euros is about to be implemented. "We must preserve the building. That’s why we’ve been working for years to rebuild the depot, because we know that the space in our town hall is tight." The bookstore will move into the first floor, and an event room with a tea kitchen will be built on the second floor. The accounting department will then move from the town hall to the remise, so that further offices for the administration could be built there. The remodeling of the depot is to start in spring.

The central task this year is the development of the commercial area "am christophbuhl" on the A 9, the mayor informed further. It is a project of enormous importance for the development of the municipality, which will also create jobs.

Cost: ten million euros

He put the cost, including land acquisition, at ten million euros. Benker made it clear that no citizen has to pay anything for water and sewage, construction of trenches, or lighting.


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