Black-yellow majority against women’s quota wobbles

Black-yellow majority against women's quota wobbles

According to "wirtschaftswoche," several members of parliament from the CDU/CSU and FDP want to vote with the SPD, greens and left for a legal requirement. "I will speak out. We need a signal that women are wanted and can be found for leadership tasks," FDP politician sibylle laurischk told the magazine.

According to the report, other FDP women also favor the law, but do not want to make a public spectacle of themselves. Rita pawalski, a member of the cdu, had also reaffirmed her support and reported several like-minded people had done so. CSU deputy secretary-general dorothee bar said: "i am still in favor of the statutory quota."According to "wirtschaftswoche," labor minister ursula von der leyen (CDU), also a supporter, will not say what she has decided until shortly before the roll call vote. Your spokesman would not confirm this information on saturday.

The draft from hamburg provides for a fixed quota of women on supervisory boards. It will be on the agenda in the bundestag next thursday. In the bundesrat, it was passed with the support of the CDU-led states of thuringia and saarland. In order to pass the bill in the bundestag, a total of 21 deputies from the black-yellow government camp had to vote with the opposition.

Union faction leader volker kauder (CDU) had therefore called the deviators to order. SPD secretary general andrea nahles then accused him of insubordinate behavior. "Union faction leader volker kauder has publicly called on the women in the union to vote against their own conscience. This is a blatant case of factional discipline that mr. Kauder wants to impose," nahles criticized in the "passauer neue presse" newspaper.

According to information from the "bild" newspaper, the CDU/CSU parliamentary group wants to have its members vote internally two days before the decision in the bundestag, i.E. On tuesday. This is intended to put pressure on potential dissenters, writes the newspaper, citing party circles.

The parliamentary group leadership, together with women’s minister kristina schroder (CDU), favors the so-called "flexiquote". This should oblige the economy to impose a women’s quota on itself.


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