Burberry boss to run apple stores in the future

Burberry boss to run apple stores in the future

She will report directly to company boss tim cook and will also oversee the online stores, the company announced on tuesday.

The head of apple's retail division was vacant for about a year after ahrendts left after only a few months.

Apple has more than 400 of its own stores, which serve as a stylish showcase for the brand while generating billions in profits. So in their home market of the U.S., they've been leading the industry in sales per square foot for years, ahead of jeweler tiffany.

Ahrendts headed burberry for around eight years. The brand, which stands for classic chic in the british style, achieved strong growth during this period. In the past six months alone, there has been a 20 percent increase in sales. Burberry shares fell about six percent on news of ahrendts' departure, apple share price barely budged. The manager has spent her entire career in the fashion business: she previously worked for competitors liz claiborne and donna karan.

Your successor at burberry is expected to be christopher bailey in mid-2014. He has been with the company since 2001 and has been the creative director for six years.

Apple poaches its second top fashion executive in just a few months. In july, the head of the parisian house yves saint laurent moved to the iphone group. Paul deneve was to take on special tasks on behalf of cook, it was said at the time. Many industry observers are thinking in particular of the alleged apple watch, which is the subject of much speculation.

The head position in apple's retail division has been open since john browett, who was brought in from the uk, left the job after only a few months last year. The top manager of the electrical retail chain dixons had rushed ahead with controversial savings plans that were quickly withdrawn.

Ron Johnson, who had built up the store network more than a decade ago on behalf of apple founder steve jobs, had joined the J.C. Penney changed. There he failed with a crudely designed remodel. Johnson abolished the much-used discount coupons, resulting in a temporary 25 percent slump in sales, from which J.C. Penney has not recovered to this day.


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