Carsten Maschmeyer strengthens self-discipline through drinking diatribes

Carsten maschmeyer strengthens self-discipline through drinking diatribes

Financial entrepreneur carsten maschmeyer gives up solid food for several days once a quarter. Instead, he drinks only water, tea, and juice for up to five days.

"It's incredibly cleansing and an insane exercise of self-discipline and willpower," the 60-year-old told the german press agency in hamburg. He got to know and appreciate this concept about 13 years ago in thailand.

The first two days are particularly hard, "but on the third day you start to fly". In the meantime, he prefers to do this diet on normal working days and not on vacation. "When you have the whole day off and think "alas, two more hours before i'm allowed to drink juice again"". Nope. I prefer to do this while I'm working, because I'm distracted and it's easier for me mentally."


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