For strong immune system

As a new employee in the health promotion department at the ebern workers’ welfare association, janina hertel spoke about strengthening the immune system with the methods of pastor sebastian kneipp as part of the lunchtime supervision program.

Janina hertel explained which vitamins are particularly useful for strengthening the immune system and why fresh air strengthens the immune system. The health manager’s presentation was entitled "immune in the system".

Where is the sense?

To the report "mainleus hires speed camera service" (BR from 9. September) is written to us : first a-ha: nine oaks are classified by the municipal gardener as trees not worth preserving – isn't every tree worth protecting and preserving, especially these days? And didn't all parties emphasize during the election campaign how important climate and environmental protection was to them??

I can't believe the decision to cut down trees when the nests of oak processionary moths can easily be collected manually. There is even a specialist company in mainleus that will take over the job. If at the same time for 30 or 100 euro per hour traffic monitoring is bought, should nevertheless also a few 100 euro per year for tree rescue be present. Furthermore, i agree with mrs. Lauterbach's argument that cyclists can easily make a turn if a sign points out the caterpillars.

Congratulations: horst zeptner is 85

Congratulations: horst zeptner is 85

Horst zeptner from albertshofen celebrated his 85th birthday on sunday. Birthday. Representatives of the eight local associations, the association of german war graves and mayor horst reuther (in picture) congratulated the jubilarian.

Horst zeptner, on 1. Born in wurzburg in december 1928, grew up in gnodstadt and mainstockheim, and became acquainted with hard work in the fields and vineyards at a very early age. During his apprenticeship as a radio mechanic and electrician, he was conscripted as a flak helper at the airfield in kitzingen at the age of 15 for night duty on guard duty. He experienced terrible events and cruelties from august 1944 onwards during his deployment to the west wall, the reichsarbeitsdienst and his last wartime deployment, during which he became a prisoner of war.

Bad bruckenau: who reaches for the amtskette?

Bad bruckenau: who reaches for the amtskette?

Things are strangely quiet in the town of bad bruckenau when it comes to next year's mayoral elections. No names thrown provocatively into space, no loud voices. At best, there is a quiet grumble here and there, which suggests a certain dissatisfaction with the head of the town hall. Actress some people call brigitte meyerdierks (CSU). One who talks a lot, above all, and does little, say others.

Meyerdierks not yet officially nominated

She herself never made a secret of the fact that she could imagine a second term in office – health permitting. "Up to now they let it fully", says the mayor. "If the CSU nominates me, of course!", she declares her readiness in principle. "I can't imagine any other candidate than the incumbent mayor", says dieter seban. The chairman of the CSU local association had himself thrown his hat into the ring in 2004. This time, he's doing without "because I couldn't do much better". As the third mayor, he also knows very well what the job entails. So far, however, brigitte meyerdierks has not been nominated as an official candidate of the CSU. The date for the nomination meeting has not yet been set.

The battle over wind farms continues

In the forest behind kleinmunster they are to stand: the wind turbines planned by the makers of the district energy turnaround for the reserved area WK 88.

Riedbach's mayor, birgit bayer, gets a queasy feeling in her stomach when she rides her bike through the idyllic woodland and imagines that trees are to be cleared here and replaced by wind turbines. She gets this feeling when she is out and about in her community and has to deal with the idea that there are to be more wind turbines here than anywhere else in the county. Because that is the problem: "you can't really imagine what it will look like", she says. Her gaze wanders, she holds a map in her hand, on which various flat areas are shaded in red – there, larger or smaller wind farms are to be built later on. Bayer is not concerned with preventing wind power projects in general. The energy turnaround is a political decision that must also be supported by the municipalities. "But", she emphasizes "in a reasonable manner."