Good music and good deeds at the christmas concert of the youth brass orchestra mistelfeld

The christmas concert of the youth brass orchestra mistelfeld is a fixed date in the calendar of many mistelfeld citizens and guests from abroad. The audience in the packed house of worship listened attentively to the varied and emotionally charged program ranging from christmas classics and world hits to traditional christmas tunes.

With the stuck "highland cathedral", the popular bagpipe melody from 1982, conductor karlheinz kerner had a soulful piece ready right at the beginning. Chairman karl-heinz dorsch was very pleased with the many listeners.

Demo farmers celebrate homecoming: now it’s off to brussel?

The joint tour to berlin has welded the farmers together. This is traceable in atzhausen (lkr. Kitzingen) on this thursday evening in the klein family's machine hall. It's been about two weeks since her trip to the stars. And where there are usually tractors and combine harvesters, around 100 farmers from all over lower franconia are now celebrating their homecoming. In the background runs chart music, on a screen a slide show with pictures of the demo. There will be beer and bratwurst. The farmers talk about a shared experience that none of them will forget in a hurry. And they already have ideas on how to proceed now.

Simone krug sits on a bench with her little daughter. The farmer from urspringen (lkr. Main-spessart) rode the entire distance on her tractor. She brought a cake to the festival: "land creates connection" stands on the back. It is the name of the initiative that mobilized the farmers for the demonstration. What krug remembers most about the trip was the reaction of the people: "people were standing on every bridge with their signs. It was so touching and even gripped the manner."

“Kosmos chemnitz”: tens of thousands celebrate for cosmopolitanism

Music, language, sports, shows – and above all, friendly faces everywhere: chemnitz celebrated a peaceful festival of democracy on thursday. According to the organizers, 50,000 people came to the festival "kosmos chemnitz – we stay more".

On stage were tocotronic, rapper alligatoah and loveparade-grunder dr. Motte. At the end herbert gronemeyer sang – and said: "the land is our land. We hold it firm and stable and don’t let it swing to the right."After right-wing demonstrations and xenophobic attacks, the saxon city was in the national spotlight.

In wagner’s cabinet of wax figures

"Why frau grimhild alberich was granted illegitimate favors" here is a witty essay by eckhard henscheid, which first appeared in print in 1995. Five years later, jurgen flimm’s "ring" appeared on the scene-staging for the first time in bayreuth hagen as a child, which was soon taken up in inflationary fashion on stages up and down the country.

And now – finally? – one may also witness his witnessing in wurzburg. It’s all about – nothing works in opera without #metoo balancing! – obviously not for grimhild’s favor, but for rape. The fact that the victim is the mother of hagen, gunther and gutrune is made clear to all those who neither know wagner’s works in detail nor have looked at the program booklet, at best towards the end, when in the final confusion hagen meets grimhild, kneels before her and nestles his head against her thrust.

Stadtsteinachers have dared something – and won a lot

Stadtsteinachers have dared something - and won a lot

It was a risk: when the city festival was revived in 2017 after many years of suspension, no one knew how things would develop. But the coup gurgled, and countless guests made the revival a success. The organizers were both happy and encouraged to continue this event. On the weekend it was time: with an extended program stadtsteinach welcomed its guests from near and far for the second time.

They gave their last shirt

Extended, because this time the action already started on saturday evening. The "SAN-combo" set the mood, which provided on the market place already from 18 o’clock for good musical mood.

Vocal cord for the ear, lobe for the stomach

vocal cord for the ear, lobe for the stomach

Once again, the fans flocked to the kommunbrau hall. Because the combination of a typical french lunch buffet with handmade dumplings and relaxed music, performed with wit, is simply unbeatable. Volker konrad, who is responsible for the arrangements of the vocal band, has made a lot of effort again.

The sound is right
With "take the long way home and "red lips should be kissed", the vocal band had new hits in its repertoire. "We just rehearsed that yesterday", revealed tommy zapf.

Rap beats from the garden lounger

Rap beats from the garden lounger

Actually hundreds of people should cheer for him, but currently only the birds in the home garden of rapper "cheater" are singing from vestenbergsgreuth. He was together with the famous musician "B-tight" on tour when the coronavirus spread in germany and the pandemic started to take over life in the whole country. Until the middle of may they had dates all over germany and austria. Now everything has been postponed.

Last year, "cheater" was released on tour for the first time four own songs on the album "aggroswing by "B- tight. Now the berlin rapper released his new album "bobby dick" out, on which he had a feature with "cheater" has. And that’s why the frenchman should also be on the tour.