Fdp: citizens to take european disaffection seriously

"Europe is important for young people. That is why youth exchanges and, for example, the erasmus program must continue to be called for." This was the most important message of thomas hacker, member of the bundestag, at the FDP’s kick-off event for the european elections. Europe must not be a distant organization, it must be brought to the people in all EU countries. Given the disgruntlement of many europeans with "those in brussel" he pointed to the power that can come from a united europe, which is also necessary to be able to speak in the concert of the economic powers china, the USA and russia. A single country is too weak.

But the focus should not only be on economics and trade; europe’s values lie in the reconciliation of peoples, decades of peace, freedom and the rule of law. Hacker sees danger of nationalist parties in hungary, italy, france and poland that reap economic benefits but threaten community and its values. Instead of dissatisfaction with often petty bureaucratic regulations, unity should be further strengthened by closer cooperation in migration, foreign policy or defense policy.

Catherine forum wants to mediate trading partners with russia

catherine forum wants to mediate trading partners with russia

Saxony-anhalt as a point of connection between germany and russia: at its upcoming dialogue in zerbst/anhalt, the katharina forum wants to raise awareness of the challenges posed by the existing economic sanctions and open up new perspectives.

"Russia is an important trading partner for saxony-anhalt, especially in terms of imports," the state chancellery in magdeburg announced before the start of the meeting (30. September to 1. October) the german press agency with.

Upper bavarians visited their former emergency vehicle

The geisenbrunn firefighters visited their former fire truck in romershofen.

Two years ago, the romershofen fire department was looking for a new or used fire truck. This was found on the internet in geisenbrunn. Geisenbrunn is located about 22 kilometers west of the city center in munich, between germering and gilching. It is a district of the municipality of gilching and now has a population of around 1500.

Corona and fitness – creative solutions in the living room

Corona and fitness - creative solutions in the living room

Packing your gym bag and heading to the gym – a familiar ritual for recreational athletes, but one that suddenly disappeared a few days ago. Sports halls and gyms are closed because of corona.

But there are alternatives: "the industry has been active since the first day of the forced closure and still tries to offer its members a service – for example, through online courses, nutrition plans or vouchers for the time after the closure," reports alexander wulf, spokesman for the german sports studio association.

New frankenkrimi is about crime scene cleaners

A reich eagle with swastika is emblazoned on the mug. The mug covers the head of an old man. The head is carefully wrapped in a plastic bag and is lying in a deep freezer. The head (and the matching hands) of hartmut, the hero in tessa korber's youngest novel "saubermanner," is discovered.

The author from forchheim loves it drastic, fantastic, bizarre. Accordingly, she has also the "tatort" chosen for the presentation of your new crime story. At the burial of their guests in the laundromat "trommelwirbel" in the north of nurnberg, tessa korber says: "we are here because my heroes are tattoo cleaners".

Mega deal: disney buys major part of murdoch’s fox group

Mega deal: disney buys major part of murdoch's fox group

A mega-acquisition is turning the U.S. Media landscape upside down: entertainment giant walt disney wants to gain the upper hand in the battle for movie and TV viewers with the biggest acquisition in its history.

The group is swallowing large parts of its rival 21st century fox from the empire of media mogul rupert murdoch for around 52.4 billion dollars (44.5 billion euros). The groups confirmed corresponding reports.

Kulmbach became a biker mecca

Kulmbach became a biker mecca

This has now been organized 13 times. Motorcycle star ride again sponsored by kulmbacher brewery, bavarian ministry of the interior, city and county of kulmbach, bavarian driving instructors association and police prasidium oberfranken. Although show elements and a lot of music again determined the program. However, the main purpose of the event is to draw attention to the safety aspect every year at the beginning of the motorcycle season.

"Arrive instead of perish is the motto. For the bavarian minister of the interior, joachim herrmann, himself a passionate motorcyclist and who came to kulmbach on two bikes, the event was an opportunity to draw attention to a package of measures designed to increase the safety of motorcyclists in road traffic. Although the number of motorcyclists killed in traffic accidents in the free state of bavaria is declining, according to the minister, the number of motorcyclists killed in traffic accidents in the free state of bavaria is declining.

Fac mainleus/kulmbach let nationwide attention

Fac mainleus/kulmbach let nationwide attention

Competitive photography has undergone a fundamental change. Due to the sheer endless possibilities of digital technology, (almost) everything is possible in photography today. It’s not just colors that are optimized and photos that are sharpened: by digitally combining various image components, also called "composing called, works of new impression are created.

It also has an impact on high-class competitions: the juries are overcritical nowadays and expect photographs with a professional touch. Best of all with an aha effect that makes the shot an eye-catcher. With all-world motifs, no matter how well they are designed, you can no longer win a pot of gold today.

Carsten Maschmeyer strengthens self-discipline through drinking diatribes

Carsten maschmeyer strengthens self-discipline through drinking diatribes

Financial entrepreneur carsten maschmeyer gives up solid food for several days once a quarter. Instead, he drinks only water, tea, and juice for up to five days.

"It's incredibly cleansing and an insane exercise of self-discipline and willpower," the 60-year-old told the german press agency in hamburg. He got to know and appreciate this concept about 13 years ago in thailand.

District of forchheim: accident with a motorcyclist on the b2 in igensdorf

district of forchheim: accident with a motorcyclist on the b2 in igensdorf

At about ten o’clock on saturday morning, an accident occurred on the B2 in igensdorf, near the pharmacy and the B2 store. Involved were a 36-year-old passenger car driver (chevrolet spark) and a 54-year-old motorcyclist (goldwing). The latter was taken to a hospital in nurnberg with minor injuries. The damage to both vehicles is estimated at 20,000 euros. Traffic was regulated by witnesses, who also provided first aid.

The 36-year-old female passenger car driver (chevrolet spark) was on the B2 coming from weibenohe towards nurnberg. "When turning left into a side street, they had overlooked the 54-year-old motorcyclist coming from the direction of nurnberg", says frank krasser, officer of the police inspection ebermannstadt, on the spot.