Middle school mainleus: quartet of “a “s in a super class

Full of joy over their excellent qualifying scores, the quartet of one stretched their arms high into the air as if to say to the spectators: "look, we are the champions!!" This year’s master students at the mainleus middle school heiben kseniya gerasimenko and tizian grasi (both 1.7) as well as evelina savchenko and maximilian ackermann (both 1.8).

Principal doris horath was proud of the 18 graduates from grade 9: "four times an A before the comma – that’s a super year, she said. Of the 16 students who took the qualifying secondary school exam, 13 passed. "That’s an outstanding 81 percent", class leader katja faust was pleased. She had taught the boys and girls from the fifth grade on.

Grobenseebach jolts together

Grobenseebach jolts together

The motto of the first grobenseebach village festival was "grobenseebach shows itself", and many supporters and visitors made sure that this motto was filled with life. The organizing team with carina geist, heike weiser, werner schrumpf and carsten bokholt looked back on a successful premiere and a very well attended day on late sunday afternoon.
"A place is only worth living through its associations and institutions and the village festival is only complete through the people who animate them", was the motto of corinna geist. It was she who introduced the idea of a village festival to the town council and needed only a few words to convince mayor bernhard seeberger () and the town council.
The fact that the idea fell on fertile ground in the community was proven by the participation of numerous clubs and companies in the commercial area and, last but not least, the many visitors. District administrator alexander tritthart (CSU), who opened the village festival together with the mayor, was also surprised by the premiere and praised the initiators for their efforts. Such events also strengthen the community in a municipality. "The variety of businesses with jobs and apprenticeships as well as the associations with their offerings make grobenseebach a community worth living in and loving", said tritthart.
At the same time as the village festival, the business park also celebrated its tenth anniversary and the helmholz company its 30th anniversary and ten years in grobenseebach. The company kracker kalte- und klimatechnik used the village fair to inaugurate its new building together with the grobenseebach volunteer fire department, and the company schubler fenster- und tursysteme celebrated its new opening. The local companies opened their doors, informed about products and services, but also about training opportunities and job offers.

Children dance and sing

With stands the grobenseebach associations and institutions introduced themselves or participated in the program like the youth band grobenseebach, whose orchestra demonstrated their musical skills. The grobenseebach elementary school and kindergarten as well as the seebachspatzen ensured enthusiasm and a relaxed atmosphere among the visitors with their dance performances and songs.
The nature conservation association was also represented, as were the traditional costume association, the home and gardening association, the kindergarten, the lunchtime supervision service and the parents’ council of the elementary school, the st.-michaelis-verein, the grobenseebacher herbst, the evangelic church community kairlindach and some more. With a children’s program and a bouncy castle, there was also something for the youngest, and various food stations ensured that the visitors did not have to go home hungry or thirsty.

Being a clown means more than just laughing

Being a clown means more than just laughing

It all started with a newspaper article. "I read an article about the clown school in freising and it immediately appealed to me", says birgit sauerschell. "And everyone I have told about it, said to me that this is exactly the right thing for me."

In 2007 she did the clown training and it changed her life. "The training does something to my self. You have to learn to show yourself to be seen and also how you play. It's a self-discovery trip in a way.", describes birgit sauerschell.

Dpe: principal sager and principal maag-holzgartner say goodbye

Dpe: principal sager and principal maag-holzgartner say goodbye

At the same time as the end of the school year, the D.-paul-eber-middle school (DPE) in kitzingen, an era came to an end. In a ceremony in the auditorium, principal birgit sager and her colleague, principal friedrich maag-holzgartner, were bid farewell.

Kurt krause, director of the school district, recalled the career of sager, who was born in hassfurt and, after studying to become a teacher, worked in rottingen, hochberg and markbreit. 2005 she took over as school principal in kitzingen. With her retirement, the school and the district will lose an experienced principal. Krause particularly praised sager’s commitment during the two-year school construction project. "Your calm and friendly manner deserves the highest praise", he said.

Bad bruckenau clubs seek replacement hall

Bad bruckenau clubs seek replacement hall

The countdown is on. At the last minute, the city council agreed to a change in the long-planned renovation of the triple gymnasium at the romershag school center. Actually, the work should start already on the first day of the rough vacations. "We're not going to make it, said architect stefan richter.

Back in 2008, the city council decided to renovate the triple gymnasium, which is now 30 years old. At that time, the cost was around 2.8 million euros. In the meantime, however, the planning bureaus richter and helfrich are assuming about 3.1 million. The reason: the entire refurbishment was again considered from an energy point of view. "We are closing the hollow now to save warm", declared judge.

More seating at hochstadt high school

When it’s time for recess at hochstadt high school, the students stream into the auditorium. Whether it’s to the kiosk to buy a sandwich, to chat with classmates, or to review math at the last minute. But the latter has not been so easy so far.

In the past, there was far too little seating for the large number of schoolchildren. The result: stairs were besieged, it was difficult to get through. "Especially in winter, it was blod when you had to sit on the steps, which were dirty because of the snow, because there was nothing else", sophia kafai, tenth-grade student, explains. The parents’ council has now taken up the cause and purchased two large oval tables and 16 chairs for several thousand euros. "The schoolchildren themselves wanted this possibility", explained on monday evening at the presentation of the new furniture chairman birgit volker.

New year’s eve wish: bayern win the champions league in may

It’s the last days of 2018. Many people are now looking back or venturing a look ahead to the next year. We asked celebrities from the district: how was 2018?? What are they looking forward to in 2019? And what are they postponing until 2020? Part 1: dorothee bar, minister of state and commissioner for digitalization.

1. What was your high point in 2018?

Adelsdorf school offers support after suicide

Adelsdorf school offers support after suicide

Other rumors are also to be prevented: even on tuesday, principal sieglinde groger still shows how much she is concerned about the case. On monday morning, a teacher from the college had discovered the body of a young man.

The 22-year-old had hanged himself from a tree in the courtyard of the adelsdorf elementary school (district of erlangen-hochstadt) in the night from sunday to monday. He was standing under the tree with his back to the schoolhouse, at least that's how it looked from a distance, says sieglinde groger, describing the situation. From the school building, which is a good 50 meters away from the site, even schoolchildren had not been able to see anything more.

Costs for school renovation were questioned

Landscape architect kathrin niblein presented to the community council how the hallerndorf school's outdoor facilities could look after the renovation: in the future, the break and recreation area will be located behind the school building, so that only one supervisor is needed, niblein explained. Since an existing fountain is to be built there, mathias erlwein (JAB) wondered where this fountain came from: "i know nothing about it!"
Mayor torsten gunselmann confirmed that the fountain does exist. But he had never been built up.
Since a library is to be added to the school building, georg gunselmann (JAB) wanted to know whether this addition would actually be needed. There is no room for a library in the existing building, emphasized school principal gunther dalles.

Recently rehabilitated

The 100-meter track, whose relocation has been estimated at 70,000 euros, is also needed for the federal youth games and sports lessons, explained dalles. Here, too, erlwein had asked whether it was needed at all, especially since it had already been expensively renovated not long ago.
The landscape architect estimated the cost of the excavation work alone at three quarters of a million euros. In total, the school renovation will cost between nine and ten million euros. "That is already quite reliable", estimates the architect in charge andreas konopatzki from the architecture firm of the same name.
Thanks to a loan from bayernlabo and a subsidy for the library as part of the city's construction requirements, the municipality does not have to pay the entire renovation sum itself. How high the demand will actually be depends on the performance of the municipality, reports konopatzki. All preliminary investigations are completed, the architectural office can start with the approval planning.