Stonemason on tour: living and working like in the middle ages

stonemason on tour: living and working like in the middle ages

He is always on the move. The van is not even completely unloaded from the last exhibition when it is already moving on again. To the next medieval market.

Stonemason sascha fidyka, his girlfriend and his daughter are passionate about visiting medieval markets all over germany. As in the past they want to live, work and sleep. This is the hobby of the family. From may to december the artist visits various spectacles, fairs and medieval christmas fairs. From 7. Until 8. September he is at the medieval market in prichsenstadt.

This is the coach of the district league

This is the coach of the district league

After andreas engel had taken over the neufang eleven as coach for the first time last season, he promptly managed an excellent sixth place in the table with the promoted team, missing only one number to fourth place. Now many believed that this good series will continue in the new season. But right from the start, neufang suffered a 6-0 defeat at DJK lichtenfels. This was followed by a 3:3 against FC lichtenfels and a 2:2 in johannisthal.

"With these only two points we were naturally in the bottom of the table. But since we last saturday with the 1-0 home win against FC burgkunstadt the first three, we have given us some air."

Epidemics in kronach: the town lacked a medicus

It was not until the corona crisis that kronach had to deal with the problem of epidemics. Today, town bailiff hans gotz looks back into history and asks himself: "what measures did the mayor and councilmen of the town of kronach take against the epidemics?? What possibilities did you have at that time?? How did the medical care look like? What medicines were available?"

As is the case today, people at that time expected advice and help from the sovereign. Wolfgang philipp fuchs von dornheim, governor of rosenberg fortress, therefore addressed an undated letter (presumably 1634/35) to the bamberg government and asked for personnel and medical support. Although the answer showed the gross participation of the cathedral chapter in the suffering of the people of kronach, no concrete help was promised. The governor was referred to captain bruckner, who was "a veldtscherer" who is "well versed in such ailments" and this "for the common good, may be effected, and in this case somewhat remedied".

Forchheim now knows the real karl may

Forchheim now knows the real karl may

He was the inventor of the blood brother "old shatterhand" and "winnetou. A son of poor weavers and a failed teacher. A man who turned from an impostor and petty criminal into a bestselling author. Karl may, with a worldwide circulation of over 200 million books sold, is still one of the most successful german writers of all time.

His payments have shaped our image of the wild west like no other. This year marks the 100th anniversary of karl may's death. Mal. Even in forchheim, this event did not pass without a trace.
Those who wanted to experience the rough german writer in a different way had the opportunity to do so on wednesday at a reading by the forchheim actor and director rainer streng at the city library.

Unterleichtersbach: horticultural club is blooming again

Last year, the fruit and gardening association in unterleichtersbach was on the verge of going out of business. After the board positions could be filled, the association is now flourishing proverbially. This is reflected in the number of members, which rose from 61 to 82 in the last year. This is what the board of directors revealed at its annual general meeting.

He who wants to reap must sow

It is not only the recruitment of members that seems to make the new board happy. In the management of the association’s treasury, many expenses directly benefited the members: another lawn mower was purchased, with which the pensioners’ group of the garden association can maintain the lawns of the village. "Now you don’t have to bring your own, it makes the work easier", says tim kleinhenz, chairman of the association.
Less physical work, but still a lot of time, the club members invested in the vacation program. The association organized with the former forester, rainer betz, an adventure hike that went from the stone cross, through the natural pond and the circular path with wooden animals. During the tour, the children suddenly spotted an indian woman in the bushes. Committee member barbara glanc dressed up as a native american and told the little ones a story. Then we went to the treading pool where hilda bohm waded through the water with the kids. Not only the youngest villagers, but also the older ones get their money’s worth in the association: at the village championship of the oberleichtersbacher schutzenverein, the members were allowed to prove their skill at the gun. A completely different talent was needed to tie the advent wreaths. Under the guidance of monika keil, they will be made together again this year.
Acting as one: that is the goal for the coming months. That’s why the association decided to create a new logo. This is now printed on polo shirts. The members of the association may be able to slip into them in june, when they travel together to the state horticultural show in wurzburg – or at the latest on the occasion of their 40th anniversary at the treading pool festival in july, where they want to celebrate their jubilee.