Small private museum in geroda

Small private museum in geroda

At first the eye is overwhelmed. Everywhere, on every square inch, antiques stand, hang and pile up. You don't know where to look first. The best thing to do is to be guided by christina dietrich, who runs the small private museum with her husband karl engelhardt.

It all started 30 years ago with an enamel fish scoop. It had saved karl engelhardt from the scrap heap. The couple did a lot until the whole loffelset including ladle holder was complete. Of all the ornaments that are in their possession, this one is particularly cherished and is regularly used in the kitchen. Since then, the two have still saved many beautiful things from the garbage can.

Lack of customers causes concern for small shoe store

Lack of customers causes concern for small shoe store

Lack of customers in the city centers is putting increasing pressure on small shoe stores in particular. Last year, almost two out of three retailers (63 percent) reported a drop in customer frequency, according to the latest figures from the german shoe retailers’ association (BDSE).

Just under one in five store owners (18 percent) even had to report a "sharp drop" in customer flow. Only about one in seven (14 percent) was able to bury more shoppers in their store.

Data protection also in the bamberger address book?

data protection also in the bamberger address book?

A FT reader was quite surprised when she came across the address book of the city of bamberg published at the end of the year. "The basic data protection regulation is no longer on everyone’s lips, and people have barely clicked and signed their acceptance of it a hundred times over, when the new address book of the bamberg city administration appears! In this book, anyone can read my name and address, unless I myself have previously objected to the publication (about which I was not informed in advance). How is this procedure compatible with the new data protection regulations??", she wondered in a letter to the FT editorial office. This question is now answered by bernd bauer-banzhaf in an interview. The 57-year-old has not only been the city’s data protection officer since 1996, but is now also active throughout bavaria as a data protection advisor for municipal administrations.

How can it be that some bambergers are blindsided by the fact that their name appears in the city’s address book??

Tourism in the bamberg district recovers

Is there a boom in domestic tourism? No doubt: vacationing in germany will be the trend in the corona year 2020. According to recent reports, rural regions seem to benefit more from rising guest numbers than cities. But can the beleaguered hospitality industry now hope to get off lightly, even recoup its losses?? Does this only apply to traditionally strong tourist regions such as the alps and the baltic sea, or is the trend also making itself felt in the bamberg district?? The latest figures are provided by the regional statistics office for june and july. And they are cautiously optimistic.

"I warn against talking about a boom", however, joachim kastner, hotelier in burgellern and district chairman of the dehoga industry association, makes this clear. This is also proven by the figures so far. After the complete collapse in april and may, the statistically recorded accommodation establishments (at least ten beds) in the district reported almost 24,000 overnight stays in june and almost 40,000 in july. However, in the last few years, the number of overnight stays has usually exceeded 40,000 in june. And july has not quite reached the previous year's figure of 43,000 overnight stays.