“Cheeky michel” delights bees and people alike

"The cheeky michel" is not the one from lonneberga, but this year the plant of the year of the bavarian gardeners. That’s why the ornamental sage plant was the focus of the opening reception for the open garden day in kitzingen. The host gardener family hummel presented the etwashauser gardener queen nina markert, the other court ladies and the guests of honor with a cheeky mischel.

Heinrich lang, head master of the horticultural group etwashausen, buried the guests for the last time in this function, as he is handing over his post this year after 42 years as a functionary for the profession. He thanked the host family hummel, in whose premises the opening reception has been held for 25 years, and was pleased that son peter hummel has taken over the business there. After the evangelical pastor helmut oppelt had given his blessing to the gardeners, the speakers paid tribute to heinrich lang’s decades of service. Oberburgermeister siegfried muller even elevated him to an "institution".

District administrator tamara bischof praised the fact that the gardening profession is teaching the next generation the tools of the trade, because after all, kitzigen is a wine and horticulture district. It is best if salads, vegetables and flowers are produced and marketed regionally and consumers consciously buy regionally. In view of the 1.8 million citizens in bavaria who voted in favor of the "save the bees" referendum, mayor muller appealed to the people to vote in favor of the initiative have signed up to follow this up with action. "If each of the signatories here buys three plants and plants them, then more is done than with the "people’s petition", said the mayor.

Otto hunnerkopf, district chairman of the association for horticulture and landscape conservation with 45,000 members in the local associations, also made the same point. Because it wasn’t just the farmers who had to plant flower strips "but each and every one of us", hunnerkopf argued for broad social commitment. Gerd dull from the office for agriculture, food and forestry informed that there are 620 ornamental plant farms in bavaria. With the focus on lower franconia, every third ornamental plant comes from our region.

"Our gardeners offer you a great bloom", said the gartner queen and revealed that the cheeky michel is an ornamental sage that likes to live in the sun. The hummel, lauk and maingarten nurseries participated with a colorful display of plants. They also offered a show of equipment, a wide range of food and activities for children.


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