Congratulations: horst zeptner is 85

Congratulations: horst zeptner is 85

Horst zeptner from albertshofen celebrated his 85th birthday on sunday. Birthday. Representatives of the eight local associations, the association of german war graves and mayor horst reuther (in picture) congratulated the jubilarian.

Horst zeptner, on 1. Born in wurzburg in december 1928, grew up in gnodstadt and mainstockheim, and became acquainted with hard work in the fields and vineyards at a very early age. During his apprenticeship as a radio mechanic and electrician, he was conscripted as a flak helper at the airfield in kitzingen at the age of 15 for night duty on guard duty. He experienced terrible events and cruelties from august 1944 onwards during his deployment to the west wall, the reichsarbeitsdienst and his last wartime deployment, during which he became a prisoner of war.

Wounded and handicapped, horst zeptner managed to flee back home for almost four weeks in 1945. With untiring dedication, he helped rebuild his teaching business, which had been almost completely destroyed by the bombing, in addition to his professional work. He was employed for four decades as an electrician and electrical consultant at the french uberlandwerk.

From 1966-1972 he was a member of the local council and was active in numerous associations. "If i add up all the years of membership in these associations, i come to a proud 366 years," said the jubilarian. In 1998 he was the first bearer in the district of kitzingen to be awarded the grobkreuz mit strahlenkranz of the bayerischen soldatenbund (bavarian soldiers' association). In 1996, the jubilarian had to give up all his honorary posts due to serious health problems and was appointed honorary chairman of the bayerischer soldatenbund 1874.

His wife irmgard, with whom he has been married for 63 years, and his three children hedi, ellen and ulf with their families congratulated him on his honorary day.


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