Corona crisis: coburg riding hall and honor castle closed

Corona crisis: coburg riding hall and honor castle closed

The precautionary measures ordered by the authorities are increasingly restricting public life and leading to more and more cancellations – also in the cultural sector.

In the meantime, the landestheater coburg has discontinued all of its events. After already on wednesday the rough house up to inclusive 19. After the closing of the theater on april, all events at the theater in the reithalle were cancelled late on friday, also until the 19th. April.

City hall concert cancelled

"The city of coburg’s public order department, together with mayor norbert tessmer, carried out a risk assessment for the performances in the riding hall", the landestheater declared on its facebook page. Ordnungsamt and oberburgermeister have come to the conclusion that the show operation "with immediate effect" to be discontinued. This already affected the originally planned performance of horvath’s play "youth without god" on friday.

Also canceled was the for the 5. April planned chamber concerts in the town hall hall. There is no date for this chamber concert, nor for the children’s concert "bella and beethoven" planned for the riding hall.

Meanwhile, ehrenburg castle is also closed for visitors, as the bavarian castle administration has decided.


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