Costs for school renovation were questioned

Landscape architect kathrin niblein presented to the community council how the hallerndorf school's outdoor facilities could look after the renovation: in the future, the break and recreation area will be located behind the school building, so that only one supervisor is needed, niblein explained. Since an existing fountain is to be built there, mathias erlwein (JAB) wondered where this fountain came from: "i know nothing about it!"
Mayor torsten gunselmann confirmed that the fountain does exist. But he had never been built up.
Since a library is to be added to the school building, georg gunselmann (JAB) wanted to know whether this addition would actually be needed. There is no room for a library in the existing building, emphasized school principal gunther dalles.

Recently rehabilitated

The 100-meter track, whose relocation has been estimated at 70,000 euros, is also needed for the federal youth games and sports lessons, explained dalles. Here, too, erlwein had asked whether it was needed at all, especially since it had already been expensively renovated not long ago.
The landscape architect estimated the cost of the excavation work alone at three quarters of a million euros. In total, the school renovation will cost between nine and ten million euros. "That is already quite reliable", estimates the architect in charge andreas konopatzki from the architecture firm of the same name.
Thanks to a loan from bayernlabo and a subsidy for the library as part of the city's construction requirements, the municipality does not have to pay the entire renovation sum itself. How high the demand will actually be depends on the performance of the municipality, reports konopatzki. All preliminary investigations are completed, the architectural office can start with the approval planning.

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