Data protection also in the bamberger address book?

data protection also in the bamberger address book?

A FT reader was quite surprised when she came across the address book of the city of bamberg published at the end of the year. "The basic data protection regulation is no longer on everyone’s lips, and people have barely clicked and signed their acceptance of it a hundred times over, when the new address book of the bamberg city administration appears! In this book, anyone can read my name and address, unless I myself have previously objected to the publication (about which I was not informed in advance). How is this procedure compatible with the new data protection regulations??", she wondered in a letter to the FT editorial office. This question is now answered by bernd bauer-banzhaf in an interview. The 57-year-old has not only been the city’s data protection officer since 1996, but is now also active throughout bavaria as a data protection advisor for municipal administrations.

How can it be that some bambergers are blindsided by the fact that their name appears in the city’s address book??

Bernd bauer-banzhaf: all bambergers have been informed by publication in the city gazette "rathausjournal" from 18. May 2018 and pointed out the possibility of contradiction. This is exactly what the federal registration law (BMG) requires. The law does not require consent. It is important to note that only books and not online works may be generated.

Has the data protection regulation changed anything here??

No, the BMG remains the legal basis for it.

Why is there a difference between an online and a printed directory??

This is a legislative decision of the federal government. Definitely, the possibility of evaluation and misuse is greater online.

What does a bamberger have to do if he does not want to appear in this book in the future??

The registration of these blocks of information can be made in person by presenting the identity card at the residents’ registration office of the city of bamberg (mondays to fridays from 8 a.M. To 12 p.M. And additionally on mondays from 2 p.M. To 6 p.M.) or at the infothek in the town hall maxplatz, first floor (mondays to thursdays from 8 a.M. To 6 p.M., fridays from 8 a.M. To 2 p.M.). Unfortunately, it is not retroactive, so it will only be effective for the next editions of the address book.

Are such analog address books still up to date??

The data output by us to address book publishers is a "can" and no "must. The city of bamberg is also questioning the product, among other things, whether it is still timely, and is considering discontinuing it. However, the new edition was completely sold out after a few days. About the reasons I could only speculate. There are 58,677 names and addresses in the book. After all, we already have 4990 information blocks and objections, so that the work becomes more and more incomplete and therefore worthless. If this trend continues, the interest will probably dwindle. From a purely data protection point of view, i questioned the product more than ten years ago, because the data protection supervisory authorities have long been advising the reporting authorities to refrain from issuing data voluntarily. The questions were asked by michael memmel


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