Disaster alert in passau and rosenheim after constant rain

Days of continuous rain and rising river levels visibly overwhelmed the emergency services in passau and rosenheim. Both cities have declared a disaster alert on sunday. In passau, emergency services expect the level of the danube to rise to about 10.50 meters by the evening. The river inn was also causing increasing problems and the swell was rising sharply. In addition to parts of the old town, federal highways 388 and 12 have also been flooded, and many houses in passau can now only be reached by footbridges. The city has asked for support from the federal army.

The disaster situation has also been declared in rosenheim in upper bavaria. The mangfall in particular is causing problems, according to a press release from the city of munich. "The water levels were allowed to rise into the range of a hundred-year flood and possibly above", according to the fear. According to current estimates, the dikes in the rosenheim city area can cope with the increasing water volumes in the mangfall and inn rivers. The authorities are concerned about those places where the improved flood protection has not yet been completed in its entirety. On sunday afternoon, the cabinet was to meet with minister-president horst seehofer in munich to discuss the crisis.

After the situation in upper bavaria had briefly eased on saturday, it had noticeably worsened with the onset of heavy rain in the afternoon. According to the police in rosenheim, emergency calls have been received incessantly at the operations center since then. In addition to flooded cellars, flooded roads and landslides are also keeping emergency crews busy. In berchtesgadener land, three farms had to be evacuated early sunday morning. In the morning, work also began on clearing parts of the town of marquartstein.

The water level of the danube is still rising in regensburg in the upper palatinate region as well. However, according to a police spokesman, the situation is not yet as dramatic as in passau. In upper bavaria, rescue teams are in constant action, especially in the southeastern region of the state. "It is particularly bad around rosenheim and in the direction of the east", announced the police in rosenheim. "Streets are flooded, cellars are overflowing, and we have already had to evacuate some of them."

In contrast, the situation in franconia and in the allgau region seems to be calming down a bit, at least the levels are not rising at the moment, according to the responsible police stations on sunday morning. Nevertheless, the emergency services are fully occupied.

Already on saturday, finance minister markus soder (CSU) addressed the flood victims with a promise. The free state is preparing financial aid measures such as tax relief and direct financial assistance. These assistance measures apply to private individuals as well as to farmers and businesses.

On saturday afternoon, environment minister marcel huber (CSU) visited the weltenburg monastery near kelheim to get an impression of the situation on site. Emergency forces erected a mobile protective wall around the monastery to keep the water away from the historic buildings. On sunday, huber wanted to get information about the flood situation in the free state from the air. He announced that he would fly over southern bavaria by helicopter.


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