District administrator: don’t talk down the frankenwald clinic

District administrator: don't talk down the frankenwald clinic

Although it was actually only a topic of discussion under the heading of information. However, it was discussed for almost 45 minutes – the planned takeover of the frankenwald clinic by fresenius helios.

"Rhon is a joint stock company. The owner of the clinic is the one who has the shares. Who buys them from whom and who sells them – the clinic has no influence on that", explained landrat oswald marr (SPD) at the beginning and added: "that is exactly what has happened now." However, all contracts remained unaffected by it. Nevertheless, he had wanted to talk to helios, but had not yet been able to do so. "But up to now, not even the federal cartel office has given its approval. We just have to wait and see", he went on to say that he "does not think it is a good idea for everyone to paint the devil on the wall".

It's possible that a new employer will want to make new employment contracts at some point, "but there are two sides to this: employer and employee. The takeover could also be a new beginning. "So we should not paint a black picture." Richard rauh (SPD) agreed: "i am also a member of the advisory board and we don't put on our pants with a pair of pliers. We are already capable of speaking out, but also capable of recognizing our limitations." It is not eaten as good as it is cooked, said rauh, referring to the women's list, which warns against a takeover by helios. "How the women's list presents itself is its own business, but I don't think it's goal-oriented."

Sometimes he has the feeling that this issue is an attempt to settle old scores. "We decided in 2005 to sell, whether we like it or not. No one liked the decision, but there was no other way at the time." They were simply not brave enough to reduce staff beforehand. "If this had been done, the clinic might still have been in public hands." Ingrid steinhauber (frauenliste) explained that she already believes him that he "doesn't mince words" as a member of the advisory board. But I have the feeling that the advisory board is sitting in a prison and is being muzzled." She fears "that everything will become even more difficult".

After all, helios wants to increase its return on investment and is aiming for sole control of the healthcare market. That is why the women's list supports the signature campaign of hubert heckhausen against the takeover by helios. "If the lists are displayed in all doctors' surgeries, municipal administrations and in the district administration office, perhaps so many signatures can be collected that the other 42 clinics that are to be sold will also join in and that something will then be done at the federal political level", hopes ingrid steinhauber.

Oswald marr explained that there are only two solutions: "either the public says we don't want privatization anymore or the health insurance companies have to pay more to the hospitals. Then the patient has to pay more to the insurance companies. So that means we either pay more taxes or more insurance contributions." Steinhauber wanted to know whether this meant that the district administrator did not display the signature lists in the district office. "Oh, I'll lay them out already, but I won't sign", replied the district administrator.

His deputy gerhard wunder (CSU) said that this would not improve the hospital's image. This also means that it is becoming increasingly difficult to get doctors to come to kronach. "The district of kronach stands behind the hospital and within the scope of our possibilities we also want to do everything for it."
Peter hanel is also a member of the clinic's advisory board and assures: "none of us is putting a muzzle on the clinic. At the moment, the hospital management is just as unaware as we are. The frankenwald clinic is the only one in the wider area that is constantly the subject of public discussion." He, too, advocated not to talk everything down. "In every change there is also an opportunity", he is convinced.

"If you constantly talk negatively about the hospital, it will also be put in a negative light. We have to pick up the positives and start a positive campaign", marr emphasized once again. It was also the task of the press "to present positive things, not just to make negative headlines."


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