District of forchheim: accident with a motorcyclist on the b2 in igensdorf

district of forchheim: accident with a motorcyclist on the b2 in igensdorf

At about ten o’clock on saturday morning, an accident occurred on the B2 in igensdorf, near the pharmacy and the B2 store. Involved were a 36-year-old passenger car driver (chevrolet spark) and a 54-year-old motorcyclist (goldwing). The latter was taken to a hospital in nurnberg with minor injuries. The damage to both vehicles is estimated at 20,000 euros. Traffic was regulated by witnesses, who also provided first aid.

The 36-year-old female passenger car driver (chevrolet spark) was on the B2 coming from weibenohe towards nurnberg. "When turning left into a side street, they had overlooked the 54-year-old motorcyclist coming from the direction of nurnberg", says frank krasser, officer of the police inspection ebermannstadt, on the spot.

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the side street led to the customer parking lots of the stores, which are on the left of the B2. One of the witnesses was about to load her goods in the parking lot of the store when she heard a loud crash. At the same moment, a piece of sheet metal flew in their direction and splinters hit them on the arm. When she turned around, she saw the motorcyclist flying over his machine.

"According to initial information, the motorcyclist was fortunately only slightly injured", informed krasser. The driver was responsive and was brought with a flesh wound on the forearm in a hospital in nuremberg. The driver was not injured. Both were traveling alone. Witnesses who had seen the accident provided first aid and also regulated the traffic: the road was partly only passable on one side until the vehicles could be pushed out of the road with the help of witnesses.


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