Dolls set a sign against violence

Dolls set a sign against violence

Dennis josef meseg doesn’t beat around the bush: "there are few red threads that run through the entire history of mankind as firmly as physical and psychological violence against women and girls. There is no war whose winners have not abducted, raped and murdered the wives of the losers. There is no religion that does not consider women to be the root of all evil, or at least inferior to men. No law that commands the equality of women in all spheres of life, without ifs and buts." And this is what the artist from north rhine-westphalia wants to achieve with his "broken" installation transporting a message – setting a sign against violence against women.

Meseg presents his work alternately in several places in germany. Next sunday, 6. December, will be "broken from 10 a.M. To 6 p.M. At the maxplatz in bamberg the eyes will be on you.

The artist reports: "mannequins and orange flutter tape. A combination of three symbols, which individually have a familiar, clear meaning. Flutter tape, for example, is a sign of demarcation, in a positive sense as protection against danger, but also as an obstacle on the way to each other. And doll or dollie – how often have you not heard these terms?? But what sounds like a term of endearment is in fact a sign of contempt: women are reduced to their mere appearance, to a toy without understanding. Often even forcibly covered or otherwise hidden like a jealously guarded piece of property."

Orange, on the other hand, is the color of freedom, of joy and security, of emotional warmth. That’s why UN women’s annual "orange the world" campaign has been so successful this is the color they chose for their campaign against women’s suffering. "Broken" is, according to dennis josef meseg, to be understood as a call to finally end violence against women – as a "contribution to a better world, based on love, heart blood and patience".


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