Dpe: principal sager and principal maag-holzgartner say goodbye

Dpe: principal sager and principal maag-holzgartner say goodbye

At the same time as the end of the school year, the D.-paul-eber-middle school (DPE) in kitzingen, an era came to an end. In a ceremony in the auditorium, principal birgit sager and her colleague, principal friedrich maag-holzgartner, were bid farewell.

Kurt krause, director of the school district, recalled the career of sager, who was born in hassfurt and, after studying to become a teacher, worked in rottingen, hochberg and markbreit. 2005 she took over as school principal in kitzingen. With her retirement, the school and the district will lose an experienced principal. Krause particularly praised sager’s commitment during the two-year school construction project. "Your calm and friendly manner deserves the highest praise", he said.

Pedagogical effect

School district director veit burger emphasized that friedrich maag-holzgartner had shown dedication right up to the last day of school . Born in dinkelsbuhl, he first studied social pedagogy and then teaching in a second degree program. He was initially part of the mobile reserve until he taught at a secondary school in wurzburg from 1988 to 2000. In 2005 he came to kitzingen as deputy principal and was appointed principal in 2006.

Oberburgermeister siegfried muller underlined that both rectors had shown whole generations the way into life. He wants to express thanks for their pedagogical work. Pastor michael bausewein deplored the low esteem in which teachers are held, despite the fact that they are entrusted with the greatest and most important office in society.

The school board said goodbye to its principal, the teachers’ combo "swinging five accompanied the farewell musically. In closing, dr. Birgit sager said that it had always been important to her to have an open door for everyone. Maag-holzgartner also praised the team for their good cooperation.


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