Fac mainleus/kulmbach let nationwide attention

Fac mainleus/kulmbach let nationwide attention

Competitive photography has undergone a fundamental change. Due to the sheer endless possibilities of digital technology, (almost) everything is possible in photography today. It’s not just colors that are optimized and photos that are sharpened: by digitally combining various image components, also called "composing called, works of new impression are created.

It also has an impact on high-class competitions: the juries are overcritical nowadays and expect photographs with a professional touch. Best of all with an aha effect that makes the shot an eye-catcher. With all-world motifs, no matter how well they are designed, you can no longer win a pot of gold today.

That’s why photo clubs have to rethink and do extraordinary things if they want to score points in competitions. This year, the amateur photo club mainleus/kulmbach succeeded in an impressive way: the team won the runner-up title at the national photo championship in essen.

The surprise was great when the news of the success reached the mainleus team: "i was totally surprised", also underlines mike schwalbach. The chairman, who has been running the club for just a few years, can’t hide his delight: "this result shows that the FAC can compete at the very top of the league of german photo clubs."

But what is the basis for the usual success?? First point is, the number of members of the FAC and thus also the activist team in the "DVF" in order to strengthen capable authors. The strong increase in performance is also due to a consistent restructuring of the association, which is now much more broadly based and is experiencing a renaissance with new offers in the didactic area as well as in association life. There are workshops offered or also photo journeys. In contrast to earlier years, the other members are no longer seen as competitors to be outdone: teamwork instead of being individual fighters. This new spirit ensures that the members are now much more open, collaborative and ambitious in their approach than before.

But also from an organizational point of view, new pages were opened: the FAC established a kind of "working group" who sifts through and meticulously pre-evaluates the works put up for the championship. Before the picture submission there was a meeting within the fotostammtisch, where all authors presented their works. Suggestions for improvement were also made.

This systematic approach ensures that only photos are submitted that meet the quality requirements of competent juries. "This systematic approach, combined with our new team concept, has brought us a lot of success, so schwalbach. Such activities did not exist in the past, clarified the chairman.

With its strong presence, the FAC draws nationwide attention to the region of kulmbach, for which the association is always on the road as an excellent photographic ambassador. A total of nine authors submitted works to the german national championship in essen. The most successful starter was heinz tschanz-hofmann, who runs a photo agency. The gartenrother achieved a medal and four other acceptances.

Erika motschenbach from untersteinach is known for her surreal, poetic works, which convey a great deal of emotion and deep meaning. She brought her association a certificate and two acceptances. Margit sablowski is one of the world’s top underwater photographers: a certificate and two acceptances underline the high quality of her work. Further acceptances were made by jutta punken, nick sablowski, arantxa iglesias-hutterott, sigrid wolf-feix and mike schwalbach.


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