For strong immune system

As a new employee in the health promotion department at the ebern workers’ welfare association, janina hertel spoke about strengthening the immune system with the methods of pastor sebastian kneipp as part of the lunchtime supervision program.

Janina hertel explained which vitamins are particularly useful for strengthening the immune system and why fresh air strengthens the immune system. The health manager’s presentation was entitled "immune in the system".

Every person has many possibilities to support his immune system and to strengthen its performance in order to ward off pathogens, she said, according to a press release from the arbeiterwohlfahrt. This is where the five pillars of the priest sebastian kneipp come in, which include nutrition, exercise, herbalism and "balance in life" and the classic water treatments pay off. Whoever lives according to his philosophy and uses and implements these possibilities can significantly reduce the risk of falling ill. "It’s fascinating what a big impact some small things have that can be easily integrated into everyday life", encouraged the speaker.

It is planned to start a project in the lunch time care of the arbeiterwohlfahrt in ebern, which will also be based on the five pillars of the pastor sebastian kneipp. The initiators want to try out the influence of his holistic thinking on their own bodies and experience the positive effects it can have for the children of the elementary school

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