Forchheim now knows the real karl may

Forchheim now knows the real karl may

He was the inventor of the blood brother "old shatterhand" and "winnetou. A son of poor weavers and a failed teacher. A man who turned from an impostor and petty criminal into a bestselling author. Karl may, with a worldwide circulation of over 200 million books sold, is still one of the most successful german writers of all time.

His payments have shaped our image of the wild west like no other. This year marks the 100th anniversary of karl may's death. Mal. Even in forchheim, this event did not pass without a trace.
Those who wanted to experience the rough german writer in a different way had the opportunity to do so on wednesday at a reading by the forchheim actor and director rainer streng at the city library.

May had a sense of humor

Apart from a short passage from "winnetou, the literary evening revolved mainly around texts that are far less well known, but which show a far more complex author than is generally assumed. "I wanted to introduce the unknown and humorous karl may", explained sternly.
The audience expected fewer indian stories during the reading, but more anecdotes with a connection to the homeland. In the book "der alte dessauer for example, karl may, who was born in saxony, tells funny and disturbing stories about the oddball figure of prince leopold of anhalt-dessau.
These payments, strictly speaking, show the "real" karl may, the genius who was often misunderstood even during his lifetime, and who is categorized as an author of books for young people.

Streng is well acquainted with the work of karl mays. He had already read numerous volumes as a young man. But he still did not call himself a fan. Also as a "defense the author karl may's he does not want to watch the reading. May never actually saw the wild west and the orient, which he describes in such detail in his travelogues, himself at the time his books were written.

"He actually copied passages", explained, means strict. The native texts from the early work, however, describe a completely different picture. "In these books his own experiences fall in love. He knew the places." For this reason, the actor and cultural worker from forchheim prefers the lesser-known stories, also because they are more profound.

But the domestic payments were not exotic enough and did not reach the audience that karl may himself had hoped for. First the "travel payments helped the author to his fame.

"Visible, audible and experienceable"

The head of the forchheim literary stage is not only moved by karl may. "As an actor, I have no preferences", means strictly. He wants literature to be "visible, audible and tangible" for the public and comes up with various literary programs.

Streng knew how to combine the life story of mays with the autobiographical and literary texts of mays. He gave the audience an opportunity to look beyond "winnetou" to look away.

"The old dessauer, winnetou, kara ben nemsi. What does karl may actually want?, asked sternly during the reading. The answer is provided by karl may himself – who played various roles during his criminal past as an impostor and later considered himself old shatterhand – when he writes about himself: "i must become a tale myself, myself, my own self."


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