Foxconn plant in china closed after mass busting

Foxconn plant in china closed after mass busting

The factory remains temporarily closed after a mass strike at a foxconn factory in china. A dispute escalated at the plant in taiyuan (shanxi province) on sunday evening, the taiwanese company announced in taipei. According to the report, 2,000 workers took part in the riots. 40 were injured, several arrested.

According to a report in the chinese computer newspaper "diannaobao", the plant is also part of the production chain for the iphone 5 – which the company did not confirm when asked about the matter. Foxconn is known for manufacturing apple products, but also produces for other major computer companies such as dell, hewlett-packard and sony. Due to the unusually successful sales launch of the new iphone, there is said to be massive production pressure at foxconn, industry reports have said. Apple said monday that more than 5 million devices had been sold in the first three days of sales through sunday alone.

5000 police mobilized to bring taiyuan riots under control. Order had been restored by monday morning, he said. "We have closed the factory to cooperate with the investigation," foxconn spokesman uno chen told the dpa news agency by telephone in peking. "It will be reopened when the investigation is over." The spokesman expressed the hope that the closure will last only one day.

The company employs more than one million people in china. Foxconn has been the subject of repeated criticism over the past two years because of its working conditions and strict management style. An independent inspection of its main manufacturer, launched by apple itself, had uncovered numerous irregularities in march. Complaints included excessively long working hours, in some cases more than 60 hours a week, and poor health and safety conditions. Apple and foxconn had subsequently promised a significant improvement in working conditions. Wages increased, working hours shortened.

According to foxconn, the riots in taiyuan began with a "personal dispute" between workers in a privately run dormitory outside the plant. The dispute "appears to have had nothing to do with work," a statement in taipei said. In photos, which were spread on the internet, it showed however that also foxconn facilities were target of the riots. A guardhouse was overturned. One bus had its windows smashed. Cars were overturned, including a police car. Hundreds of police officers secured the roads around the plant.


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