Franconians and thuringians work hand in hand

Franconians and Thuringians work hand in hand

In sonneberg "famos 2013" takes place on his 17. And 18. April a skilled workers and training fair was held in the gesellschaftshaus. The special thing about it is that it is a transnational event. The organization of this trade show was the responsibility of the association "we – economy, innovation, region" taken over.

The chairwoman, sabine diez, has ambitious plans. This was discussed at the press conference on thursday afternoon at the company W.O.M. – world of medicine in ludwigsstadt clear. It is a matter of presenting ourselves as a common economic area of south thuringia and upper franconia, which has the same challenges and problems, sabine diez explained. The economic upswing can only be maintained if employers have access to sufficient skilled workers. It is now a matter of joining forces.

Diez pointed out that this was the region's largest trade fair for skilled workers and trainees. She was confident that she would be able to increase the number of visitors again this year compared to 2012. At that time 2500 pupils and adults had visited the fair.

Network is working

Diez also spoke of a network between companies, politicians and institutions that want to create the right conditions for young people to stay in the region. In addition, external young people are to be inspired for the region of sonneberg, kronach, coburg and lichtenfels.
There are perspectives: industry, cultural and touristic offers, a wonderful landscape and care possibilities for children and seniors. These factors needed to be brought more into awareness.

Around 70 companies, service providers and institutions have already confirmed their participation in the trade fair. According to dietz, there are many opportunities to talk to employers, trainers, schools and representatives of institutions.

The deputy district administrator of sonneberg, hans-peter schmidt, pointed out that there would also be the opportunity to visit cultural institutions during the weekend. Furthermore, child care is offered and interpreters are available for hours. For him, it was clear that "what belongs together is growing together". He described upper franconia and south thuringia as a model region of the economy and german unity.

"Together we are strong", coburg district administrator michael busch praised the "we" initiative. And the head of the employment agency coburg/bamberg, brigitte klos, pointed out that there is no comparable fair.

Tracing a sense of we-ness

Beforehand, the mayor of ludwigsstadt, timo ehrhardt (SPD), was pleased that his city and the company W.O.M. The following were chosen as venues for the press event. He spoke of a sense of "we" in the region between employers and employees. The problem of securing apprenticeships and skilled workers in the future concerns everyone, he emphasized. And with regard to the three racecourse communities of steinbach am wald, ludwigsstadt and tettau, he pointed out that the 3,800 people in employment have more than 5,000 jobs subject to social insurance contributions.

The CFO of W.O.M., oliver kupka, spoke of "open doors". W.O.M. Has been present in ludwigsstadt for over 20 years and now provides 200 jobs. He probably spoke from experience when he said that in terms of jobs and training places, there is no longer the same mass of applicants as there was 15 years ago.

Diez concluded by referring once again to the "we – economy, innovation, region" association a. Between the rennsteig and the obermain, players from business, politics and administration are committed to a strong common economic region. The members of the association came from the counties of coburg, hildburghausen, kronach and lichtenfels. After the talk, the participants were invited to take a tour of the plant at W.O.M. Invited.


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