From now on, everyone knows where he goes

From now on, everyone knows where he goes

One thing is certain: in the next few days, it will not be the citizens who will be asking questions, but rather the employees in the town hall. Finally, there is a new order system that makes it much easier to find the contact person you need at the moment. Whether it's a matter of funds, a financial question or a vacation passport – the color concept quickly takes you to the right place.

Opaque system

It's the employees who have to make the most of the changes. Each room now has a new number, and the floors have become levels. After all, the order before was more than opaque. On the one hand there were old and new buildings, both with a first and second floor, and on the other hand both buildings also had their own entrance. "It was not unusual for us to guide the burgers to the right room ourselves", explains head of the office ralph hartner. "People have always looked at the information pillars, but then asked again at the gate" – and still ended up with the wrong one over and over again.

Levels with a color concept

From now on there is no longer a new and an old building with floors, but different levels, which are connected with different colors. This can be found on all tower signs of the offices located there and also on various sub-signs. Directly at the entrance, the burger finds an overview board on which the condition, room number and level are listed.
The staff will probably have to do the same thing a few times in the next few days. At least for the burgers the new concept will be successful. And nevertheless: "they may naturally still also personally ask for the way", assures herbert muller from the head office.


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