Good music and good deeds at the christmas concert of the youth brass orchestra mistelfeld

The christmas concert of the youth brass orchestra mistelfeld is a fixed date in the calendar of many mistelfeld citizens and guests from abroad. The audience in the packed house of worship listened attentively to the varied and emotionally charged program ranging from christmas classics and world hits to traditional christmas tunes.

With the stuck "highland cathedral", the popular bagpipe melody from 1982, conductor karlheinz kerner had a soulful piece ready right at the beginning. Chairman karl-heinz dorsch was very pleased with the many listeners.

The joy was visible

A completely different sound was created by the next contribution with the spanish christmas song "feliz navidad". The joy of playing was written all over the faces of the 25 young musicians. A highlight was certainly the rock hit "stop the cavalry", the song of the soldier who wishes for nothing more than to spend christmas at home.

Second mayor sabine riebner introduced the "unser lichtenfels" foundation, which was established in july 2016 in front of. In a very short time, private donations doubled the endowment of the city and the savings bank to 20,000 euros. "By providing financial support for projects and plans that benefit the town and our citizens, we want to ensure a lively lichtenfels", according to riebner.

Also "help-makes-spab-initiator (HMS) till mayer is happy about every donation he can collect for his campaign. HMS can help many people in the region with whom fate has not been so kind. In 2018, more than 50,000 euros were distributed to over 600 needy people. "Even with small amounts of 100 euros, a lot can be achieved, promises mayer.

Song contributions like "all I want for christmas is you" and "do they know it’s christmas" are modern christmas songs, whose melodies spread sensitively in the house of worship. With "it’s christmas time again" alexandra sohla showed her skills with a flugelhorn solo.

The concert was moderated by sonja reitwiebner, who provided brief background information on the individual song contributions. With poems and short stories she provided some peace in the church room. Gunter reitwiebner pulled out all the stops and created a mystical and fairy-tale-like ambience with his powerful equipment and impressive lighting effects. Second chairman martin dirauf set the scene for the individual musical contributions with around 270 pictures and film clips.

Long applause

The good acoustics in the church and the atmospheric lighting once again made the concert a special experience. Chairman karl-heinz dorsch thanked karlheinz kerner, who worked tirelessly for months to prepare for this concert, with a gift.

The young musicians were rightly delighted with the long applause from the audience at the end of the concert.

The audience, very moved by the christmas concert, was happy to make a donation to the two charities. "Christmas has finally arrived." Pastor anne salzbrenner brought her enthusiasm to the point.


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