Horse breaks through a footbridge: unusual rescue operation

The rider was still visibly shocked when her horse was back in the horse trailer shortly before noon on sunday. Previously, she had experienced anxious minutes that must have felt like hours for her and her horse.

Together with her horse she was walking at the krienersmuhle near au and tried to cross a footbridge. The animal stumbled on the unfamiliar track, became restless and finally broke the panels with its hooves.

Horse breaks through the bridge with its legs

As chief of operations thomas muller of the au fire department explained, the horse broke through the bridge with its hind legs and a front fub. The second front fub in turn slipped sideways off the bridge, so that the horse was virtually immobile.

Rescuers build crane system for the 650 kilo horse

The alarmed fire departments from au and kups as well as the THW and the mountain rescue service found a difficult situation on the spot, because not least the footbridge was in danger of collapsing due to the weight of the horse, which weighed around 650 kilograms, as well as numerous rescue workers. "We first trimmed the bridge and underpinned it with squared lumber", emphasized oliver ramm from the THW, who praised the excellent cooperation of the rescue team.

Only after that, with the help of a rope winch and the turntable ladder of the copper fire department, the rescue workers were able to build a crane system. "The horse rescue harness from the steinberg fire department was very helpful", thomas muller was pleased that the rescue, which lasted about an hour, ultimately went off without any major problems.

The horse shakes all over the body

In the end, however, this was only possible because the horse had previously been calmed down by a veterinarian with an injection. Only then were the emergency services able to lift the animal and free it from its awkward position.

The horse was visibly upset and shaking all over, but was able to walk into the horse trailer on its own. While his rider was spared any serious injuries, the animal was taken to an equine clinic to rule out more serious injuries.


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