In the future, a coaching duo will be in charge of duo

In the future, a coaching duo will be in charge of duo

For one, it’s a return to the roots; for the other, it’s the thrill of the unknown. Stefan schoderlein (33) and tim reiner (26) will take up their first joint coaching position with fubball-kreisligist dettelbach und ortsteile in summer. As a trainer duo for duo.

Almost 20 years ago, schoderlein, then still a boy from the dettelbach suburb of schernau, wore a dettelbach jersey for the last time. He switched to the junior team of the wurzburger kickers before he was drawn to the first team of the kitzinger bavaria in 2001. There he is almost part of the inventory. During this time, schoderlein and reiner met and kicked together until reiner joined TSV karlburg in the summer of 2011.

The friendship between the two remained. "We get along very well. A few years ago we spun the topic together. Then we met for coffee a few weeks ago," says schoderlein, who works as a sports teacher at a high school in gaibach. An idea that was once more of a joke has now become a serious one, says his future partner, reiner.

Another thing they both have in common at the moment is that they both have a lot on their plate as far as their careers are concerned. Sports teacher schoderlein is currently in the process of building up an additional mainstay in financial services. He also works in the coach training program of the bavarian soccer association and plays in the state league himself, with three or more training sessions a week. "I’m already pretty busy, there’s not much free time at the moment," admits stefan schoderlein.

It’s similar for tim reiner. In addition to his job as a tax consultant for a large company in kitzingen, he is currently studying to become a tax advisor. In view of the additional activities, it would have been difficult for both of them to accept a coaching position on their own. With the "new fashion," as schoderlein calls the increasingly common variant of double occupancy of the coaching post, there are already more possibilities.

For tim reiner, it was clear that he would leave karlburg in the summer. Also because, as he says, the driving is getting too much for him. Work in kitzingen, apartment in wurzburg, soccer in karlburg, that’s "already an enormous challenge"."His thoughts of going to the kitzingen area only as a player were wiped away with the offer to join as a trainer duo.

Stefan schoderlein’s arguments for working with the 26-year-old attacker were successful. "Dettelbach is unknown to me as a club, but that appeals to me. I didn’t know anyone in karlburg at the beginning either, it was a completely new start for me, not only in sports. But in the end it was great," says tim reiner of his first and successful leap into new territory.

Dettelbach, on the other hand, is certainly not new for his counterpart stefan schoderlein, on the contrary. "The club has certainly been in the back of his mind for a long time. I know the people in charge and the club. The contact never broke off. They tried many times to get me back again."It had long been clear to him that schoderlein would one day move to the other side of the pit lane, into the coaching business. Now is the right moment to make the jump, to make a "clean cut", as he says, in kitzingen. That was also important to him.

His former hometown club dettelbach also offers a certain perspective, which is an additional attraction. According to schoderlein, he wants a motivated, committed team that is capable of development and is also prepared to take on new challenges. A club that often only has five or six men in training is not his world. In dettelbach, he would like to take the next step with the local team, which has continuously improved in the standings over the last few years under the current coach jurgen walter.

In addition, according to schoderlein, he had "full backing" in the discussions with the association leadership around ralph peckmann and markus heubner. With patrick markert, an important building block for schoderlein joins as team manager. Markert has been pulling the strings in the junior division at dettelbach and ortsteile so far. The preserved concept of playing attractive football with the own junior players is to be maintained.

"In two to three years", says schoderlein, the jump into the district league is already planned. He wants to make it so that the club continues to develop in youth and reserve. "A better dovetailing of the whole" is what he is striving for.

His role sees stefan schoderlein in the future rather behind the sidelines. He wants to bring his player’s passport with him, but he wants to direct the action more from the outside. He also sees his younger colleague tim reiner in the role of a more extended arm on the pitch, who ideally should also provide goals. "I think the constellation is great", reiner is also convinced.

Before the coaching duo starts in the summer, the dettelbach team wants to advance even further in the remaining 14 games. TSV reichenberg, the current league runners-up, will be the first team to visit main.


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