Lack of customers causes concern for small shoe store

Lack of customers causes concern for small shoe store

Lack of customers in the city centers is putting increasing pressure on small shoe stores in particular. Last year, almost two out of three retailers (63 percent) reported a drop in customer frequency, according to the latest figures from the german shoe retailers’ association (BDSE).

Just under one in five store owners (18 percent) even had to report a "sharp drop" in customer flow. Only about one in seven (14 percent) was able to bury more shoppers in their store.

Small specialist stores in particular had a hard time, BDSE president brigitte wischnewski announced in dusseldorf on the occasion of the gallery shoes trade show (until 13. Marz) with. The lack of spontaneous buyers, who are important for the industry, was a particular problem for the store.

Efforts to revitalize the city center have often come to nothing. "Sometimes no one comes anyway, or only a few come," she said. Measures such as open sundays or the abolition of parking fees, on the other hand, are promising from a retail perspective.

According to a survey carried out in 2016, the number of shoe stores in germany fell by a further 5.3 percent year-on-year to around 4,000 shops. More recent figures are not available.

With average per capita spending of 147 euros a year, the average spend has risen slightly in the past few years, said wischnewski. While men invested an average of 71.70 euros in a pair of new shoes, women got off somewhat more cheaply with an average of 67.80 euros. However, this difference is more than compensated for by the women’s propensity to buy, who on average buy four pairs of new shoes a year, while the men only buy an average of 2.5 new pairs.

The first port of call remains the specialist shoe retailer with a share of 61.3 percent of all shoes sold. However, about one in eleven pairs (8.9 percent) is purchased from grocery stores, especially discounters. 20 percent is accounted for by internal trade.

According to the federal association of the german shoe industry, sneakers continue to be the main trend. Fashion-conscious shoe shoppers in particular should look out for shoes with up to seven-centimeter-high platform soles, so-called cloud shoes, advised claudia schulz, trend expert at the federal association of the shoe and leather goods industry (HDS).


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