Middle school mainleus: quartet of “a “s in a super class

Full of joy over their excellent qualifying scores, the quartet of one stretched their arms high into the air as if to say to the spectators: "look, we are the champions!!" This year’s master students at the mainleus middle school heiben kseniya gerasimenko and tizian grasi (both 1.7) as well as evelina savchenko and maximilian ackermann (both 1.8).

Principal doris horath was proud of the 18 graduates from grade 9: "four times an A before the comma – that’s a super year, she said. Of the 16 students who took the qualifying secondary school exam, 13 passed. "That’s an outstanding 81 percent", class leader katja faust was pleased. She had taught the boys and girls from the fifth grade on.

While the majority of the graduates leave the school and complete an apprenticeship as an electronics technician, chimney sweep or carpenter, four continue their school career at the mainleuser educational institution. About the "9+2" project this is the way they want to graduate from high school in 2022.

In search of a dream job

Among them pays the mainleuser tizian grasi. He still has no answer to the question about his dream job. And so he increases the number of his school years by two. The 14-year-old also hopes that the intermediate certificate will improve his chances on the job market.

Asked how he became a top-grader, the young man replied: "my wide-ranging interests made it easy for me to take all subjects. Of course, paying attention in class and consistent learning in the afternoons are also part of the program."

The corona pandemic had left its mark on school life in recent months. The topic was also addressed during the farewell ceremony, which took place in the school gymnasium due to the distance requirement. "Doesn’t this crisis urge us to think, to rethink and to pause??", principal doris horath wondered. She encouraged the graduates to "always more, always faster, always more available", that has become a matter of course to reconsider.

She did not want her thoughts to be understood as a rejection of a life without fun and looseness. Rather than an advice to be more careful than some generation had been before.

"The world of work needs you, mayor robert bosch noted with regard to the shortage of skilled workers. At the same time, he encouraged the young people to get involved in voluntary work.

Good cohesion

"We were a strong community", said anastasia hoffmann, who gave the school speech together with nick wildgrube. The two presented their former teachers with farewell gifts.

Together with their fellow students alexander held, irem bocek, tim wolfrum, simon zeitler and justin reiers, they entertained old and young with a sketch in which everyday school life was made fun of.

During a picture show, the young people reminisced about long-gone school days when, in addition to german and math, excursions and work placements were also on the timetable.

Horath and bosch presented gifts to the school’s best students. The mayor handed over bathing visitors to mark the opening of the mainleus open-air swimming pool.


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