More seating at hochstadt high school

When it’s time for recess at hochstadt high school, the students stream into the auditorium. Whether it’s to the kiosk to buy a sandwich, to chat with classmates, or to review math at the last minute. But the latter has not been so easy so far.

In the past, there was far too little seating for the large number of schoolchildren. The result: stairs were besieged, it was difficult to get through. "Especially in winter, it was blod when you had to sit on the steps, which were dirty because of the snow, because there was nothing else", sophia kafai, tenth-grade student, explains. The parents’ council has now taken up the cause and purchased two large oval tables and 16 chairs for several thousand euros. "The schoolchildren themselves wanted this possibility", explained on monday evening at the presentation of the new furniture chairman birgit volker.

Initially, the desks are primarily intended for learning and group work. But little by little, explains director bernd lohneib, more seating options are to be created. "It will not be the last table", said the rector.

Accordingly, he could imagine installing sofa corners so that the students could rest comfortably. In general, the principal and the parents’ council would like to spare the assembly hall further. Various art projects are planned; lohneib is also considering a movable room divider.

The money for the two tables was hard-earned by the parents’ council: the members are represented at various school events, such as the summer festival, and sell food and drinks. And who knows if the students will still be sitting on the stairs at the next summer party in a few weeks?.


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