Mountain party, bubbly and visions

"It's half time, it's time for the mountain festival", said robert wiebner at the microphone. The managing director of bayerncare was optimistic that the same number of months would be needed to complete the liebfrauenhaus care center, compared with the eight months needed to date.

Cooperation based on trust

In view of the four-story building in the background, the visitors had no doubts about this vision. The shell of the building is already covered with damming material, the rooms are recognizable, and the construction workers of the various trades toiling in the sun were in the swiss spirit. "But they will celebrate the construction site party with us later", explained wiebner.
Before the guided tours of the construction site, the audience was given some information on the progress of the construction project, which is estimated to cost around 17 million euros, but also a further vision: "we have had a trusting relationship with the people involved in the project based on partnership. Maybe this will continue. After the completion of the new building, we may be able to celebrate a 2. The construction phase can be developed if the city of herzogenaurach supports it and, of course, also the seraphim charity."
The general manager of the liebeswerk, stefan konig, explained when asked that in principle it should go ahead. "We had the idea that we would do more for the elderly in this area, but we will have to decide on the cooperation when the time comes." This is due, among other things, to the fact that the public facility is subject to certain regulations.

Building under observation

In his own opening remarks, konig referred once again to the history of the company and the fact that the company has always been active at the herzogenaurach site across the generations. He summed it up in the words: "get used to the fact that you are plural and very heterogeneous." He buried the potential residents as future members of the liebfrauenhaus community.
After the speeches, the visitors could find out whether wiebner's announcement was correct, at least in terms of the building itself. He had said: "I claim it is the most modern facility in the district of erlangen-hochstadt, which fully complies with the current requirements for maintenance." The current residents of the existing care facility, who have been watching the progress of the new construction day after day, are especially anxious. After the handover of the occupants will be moved completely. Thus a high extent of utilization was already given from the outset, it is said in a communication of the enterprise bayerncare. These are not visions, but hard facts.


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