New year’s eve wish: bayern win the champions league in may

It’s the last days of 2018. Many people are now looking back or venturing a look ahead to the next year. We asked celebrities from the district: how was 2018?? What are they looking forward to in 2019? And what are they postponing until 2020? Part 1: dorothee bar, minister of state and commissioner for digitalization.

1. What was your high point in 2018?

It is difficult to define a single highlight in such an eventful year. For me, the formation of a government finally achieved in march will certainly pay dividends. On a personal note, my appointment as minister of state to the chancellor and commissioner for digitization… In our private life, our son started school this year, so for the first time in ten years we no longer have a kindergarten child.

1. What was your low point in 2018?

It is always important to me that everyone in my family and in my environment is doing well and is healthy. In this respect is "low point relatively. Besides, i am by nature a very positive, optimistic and above all believing person.

1. What are you looking forward to in 2019?

I’m looking forward to FC bayern winning the champions league in may. The team is currently saving some of their strength. Therefore, we will be all the more powerful after the winter break. The games in may are the ones to win. 😉

1. What will you not be doing in 2019, or what will you be doing differently??

I probably have the same intentions as everyone else: more sports. Eat healthy. 2019 would definitely be different from all the years before, if I could manage to implement these resolutions consistently for one year. After all, I signed up for the world cultural run. Let’s see when I regret that…

1. What do they prefer to postpone until 2020?

As minister of state for digitalization, I have to make it clear that digitalization can no longer be postponed until 2020. Germany is one of the world’s leading industrial nations. If we want to become one of the leading digital nations, we must act as quickly as possible and implement the many projects, from digitalization in education and medicine to mobility. That’s what I’ll be doing every day in 2019 as well.


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