Number of reported anti-semitic crimes rises significantly

Number of reported anti-Semitic crimes rises significantly

Number of reported anti-semitic crimes increased significantly in first half of year. Compared to the same period last year, the number of cases rose from 362 to 401 – an increase of 10.7 percent, according to the federal government’s response to a query by petra pau, a member of parliament for the left.

The numbers are preliminary, because it was still possible to report acts later. The central council of jews and the federal government’s anti-semitism commissioner, felix klein, reacted with dismay.

The increase is mainly caused by an increase in by far the largest subgroup, right-wing motivated offenders. They committed 349 acts (first half of 2017: 334). But the number of anti-semitic acts also grew in all other subgroups: among left-wing motivated perpetrators (6 crimes in the first half of 2018) as well as among those with foreign ideology (12) and religious ideology (9).

By far the most anti-semitic crimes have been registered so far this year in berlin (80), followed by bavaria (43), as first reported by the berlin newspaper "tagesspiegel" (wednesday). Lower saxony follows in third place (41).

Antisemitism commissioner klein told deutsche presse-agentur that the high number was a cause for concern. "It only shows the tip of an iceberg. Anti-semitic attacks and anti-jewish attitudes have spread in germany in a completely unacceptable manner." He called on all parts of society to "oppose the increasing brutalization and every form of hatred," klein said. "Anti-semitism must have no place in our country, no matter where it comes from."The police and the judiciary must act with all firmness against it.

The president of the central council of jews, josef schuster, called the figure "startling". But it did not surprise him. "It reflects the events of the past few months – a time in which more and more new anti-semitic attacks became known. The rise in anti-semitic crimes also confirms our community members’ reports of increasing jew-hatred in everyday life."

Politics and authorities had to act consistently, and society had to be ready to confront anti-semitism, schuster demanded. "I can only emphasize once again how important it is to have a nationwide, low-threshold reporting system for anti-semitic incidents," said schuster. In addition, measures to prevent and combat hatred of jews needed to be strengthened.


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