Oberthulba’s negotiations with the county seat are going awkwardly

Oberthulba's negotiations with the county seat are going awkwardly

Already in its meeting on 12. In march, the town council of oberthulba had awarded the contract for the first and second phases of the work required to prepare for the necessary renovation of individual road sections in several parts of the town to the engineering firm hossfeld& fischer awarded. These phases are limited only to the determination of the basis and a preliminary planning with cost estimates, in order to be able to provide appropriate budgetary funds in subsequent years. At the beginning of april, the council took a look at the streets in question on site.

In oberthulba, the start was the street at the playground, which is not only to be completely renovated, including the sewage system, but also to receive more parking spaces. The idea is to buy a strip of land on the side of the road from the landowner opposite the raiffeisenbank so that five parking spaces can be created there across the road. Also from the playground, which according to opinion of the local council must be ruffled up with new advices, one wants to take off along the street a two meter wide grass strip, in order to be able to furnish there likewise transverse parking bays. "Instead of seven parking spaces, 15 cars could then be parked across the road", estimated mayor gotthard schlereth (CSU/G).

The tongrubenweg in oberthulba, which is almost 50 years old, is also in need of rehabilitation after several pipe bursts. In addition, according to the town hall, instead of the narrow sidewalks on both sides, there will only be a wider one on one side in the future.

A complete renovation including sewerage is necessary in schlimpfhof in the street schlaglein. The people of schlimpfhof see an even more urgent need for action on the road connecting poppenroth. Not only is the road surface full of potholes, but the tight curve just after the exit from the town is also a cause for concern. Since the city of bad kissingen has downgraded the other connecting road at the albertshausen sports field to a road for agricultural and forestry vehicles and closed it to car traffic, many drivers now use this road to poppenroth. That’s why the municipality is planning to straighten out the narrow bend just after the town exit. The problem, however, is that about a quarter of the new section of the road lies beyond the boundary on the territory of the town of kissingen, which is why the district town had to be involved. Previous negotiations with bad kissingen were unsuccessful. After the basic evaluation and cost estimate that has now been commissioned, the municipality of oberthulba wants to look for possible claims and then negotiate with bad kissingen again on the basis of these figures. However, since the preparatory planning can take two years, mayor schlereth, who will retire in 2020, took the precaution of pointing out that "after the municipal elections, my successor will have to do the talking".

The end point of the hullweg in hetzlos was also the end point of the more than one-hour inspection tour of the municipal council. According to the administration, the previously gravelled turning area at the edge of the field is to be improved and asphalted. The actual implementation and the scope of all the planned renovation measures will be discussed by the municipal council only in the course of the next few years, after the basic investigations and cost estimates have been presented.


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