Old folk songs inspired

Old folk tunes and songs from the homeland thrilled the audience at the first pub sing in effelter. Gunda punzelt’s inn was bursting at the seams.

Ulla steiner from gefell/thuringen opened the inn singing with "an mundartgschichtla" and buried all guests from near and far. The popular "haache stockraache", known far beyond the borders of the district sang two "liedla in a happy mood. "Pit from the frankenwald", and "if there’s a sum of money" they sang under the direction of gerhard deininger. From now on it really got going with the three musicians andreas endes (guitar), siegfried hauck (trumpet) and gerhard deininger (accordion), and of course all the guests who enjoyed singing joined in.

The song "oberfrankenlied" and the beautiful song "waldeslust" followed, afterwards, the concert continued with a wish concert and everyone sang their hearts out. The evening went by much too fast and all guests were enthusiastic and confirmed: it was wonderful to hear the old folk songs again and sing along with them. At the end, everyone sang the "gluck auf" (happy song) and "S’is celebrat’ing".

All wished to repeat this singing next year, perhaps already in april and october. The humorous ulla steiner said goodbye to everyone with a loud servus until the next time.

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