Old wengertshausla to be renovated

"I wanted to get the ball rolling again before the summer break," explained markt einersheim’s mayor herbert volkamer at the council meeting on wednesday on the subject of a new internet presence for the municipality. Thomas funk, managing director of the company cm citymedia from buhlerzell in baden-wurttemberg, explained the concept of an internet site according to today’s standards.

He presented the operating system geared to municipalities, which is also used by the municipality of rodelsee. Herbert volkamer rated the information as a basis for deciding against competitors who was the right one to implement the community’s new internet presence. Thomas funk described the system publish cms as an offer that offers many possibilities. "We do everything individually, there is nothing off the peg," said funk and referred to the consideration of the new eu basic data protection regulation. The system of cm citymedia costs the municipality 5000 euro once and 700 euro annually for the maintenance. This includes unlimited e-mail and telephone support and unlimited data volume. "You supply the data and we do everything else," is how thomas funk described the all-round service.

Other topics discussed by the council were:

The council approved the core road network concept of the intermunicipal alliance sudost 7/22. The concept serves as a long-term planning basis, which is strategically designed and the prerequisite for the office for regional development to subsidize the expansion of core paths. The core route network concept consists of the parts, route network plan with all core routes, the information map with supplementary information on the surface availability as well as an explanatory report.

Following the construction of the vogelsang balcony viewing platform, the municipality is tackling the renovation of the old wengertshausla, which will be subsidized by the state institute for viticulture and horticulture with 50 percent, as was the case with the vogelsang balcony. The council awarded the contract for the carpentry and plumbing work to the markt einersheim company bohm bau at the bid price of 18,007 euros. The work is to be carried out in september.

Herbert volkamer paid tribute to all those who had helped with the reopening party for the terraced swimming pool. The turf has now been laid, but it remains to be seen how the turf will grow and how any remaining waves will give way. Volkamer informed that also many foreigners come as guests and that the resonance is consistently positive.

The mayor informed that the municipality has repaired the connecting road to birklingen with 77 tons of mineral concrete. The cooperation of the building yard and external workers has made it possible to carry out the project in a cost-effective manner.

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