Fac mainleus/kulmbach let nationwide attention

Fac mainleus/kulmbach let nationwide attention

Competitive photography has undergone a fundamental change. Due to the sheer endless possibilities of digital technology, (almost) everything is possible in photography today. It’s not just colors that are optimized and photos that are sharpened: by digitally combining various image components, also called "composing called, works of new impression are created.

It also has an impact on high-class competitions: the juries are overcritical nowadays and expect photographs with a professional touch. Best of all with an aha effect that makes the shot an eye-catcher. With all-world motifs, no matter how well they are designed, you can no longer win a pot of gold today.

Carsten Maschmeyer strengthens self-discipline through drinking diatribes

Carsten maschmeyer strengthens self-discipline through drinking diatribes

Financial entrepreneur carsten maschmeyer gives up solid food for several days once a quarter. Instead, he drinks only water, tea, and juice for up to five days.

"It's incredibly cleansing and an insane exercise of self-discipline and willpower," the 60-year-old told the german press agency in hamburg. He got to know and appreciate this concept about 13 years ago in thailand.

Costs for school renovation were questioned

Landscape architect kathrin niblein presented to the community council how the hallerndorf school's outdoor facilities could look after the renovation: in the future, the break and recreation area will be located behind the school building, so that only one supervisor is needed, niblein explained. Since an existing fountain is to be built there, mathias erlwein (JAB) wondered where this fountain came from: "i know nothing about it!"
Mayor torsten gunselmann confirmed that the fountain does exist. But he had never been built up.
Since a library is to be added to the school building, georg gunselmann (JAB) wanted to know whether this addition would actually be needed. There is no room for a library in the existing building, emphasized school principal gunther dalles.

Recently rehabilitated

The 100-meter track, whose relocation has been estimated at 70,000 euros, is also needed for the federal youth games and sports lessons, explained dalles. Here, too, erlwein had asked whether it was needed at all, especially since it had already been expensively renovated not long ago.
The landscape architect estimated the cost of the excavation work alone at three quarters of a million euros. In total, the school renovation will cost between nine and ten million euros. "That is already quite reliable", estimates the architect in charge andreas konopatzki from the architecture firm of the same name.
Thanks to a loan from bayernlabo and a subsidy for the library as part of the city's construction requirements, the municipality does not have to pay the entire renovation sum itself. How high the demand will actually be depends on the performance of the municipality, reports konopatzki. All preliminary investigations are completed, the architectural office can start with the approval planning.

Old folk songs inspired

Old folk tunes and songs from the homeland thrilled the audience at the first pub sing in effelter. Gunda punzelt’s inn was bursting at the seams.

Ulla steiner from gefell/thuringen opened the inn singing with "an mundartgschichtla" and buried all guests from near and far. The popular "haache stockraache", known far beyond the borders of the district sang two "liedla in a happy mood. "Pit from the frankenwald", and "if there’s a sum of money" they sang under the direction of gerhard deininger. From now on it really got going with the three musicians andreas endes (guitar), siegfried hauck (trumpet) and gerhard deininger (accordion), and of course all the guests who enjoyed singing joined in.

Tourism in the bamberg district recovers

Is there a boom in domestic tourism? No doubt: vacationing in germany will be the trend in the corona year 2020. According to recent reports, rural regions seem to benefit more from rising guest numbers than cities. But can the beleaguered hospitality industry now hope to get off lightly, even recoup its losses?? Does this only apply to traditionally strong tourist regions such as the alps and the baltic sea, or is the trend also making itself felt in the bamberg district?? The latest figures are provided by the regional statistics office for june and july. And they are cautiously optimistic.

"I warn against talking about a boom", however, joachim kastner, hotelier in burgellern and district chairman of the dehoga industry association, makes this clear. This is also proven by the figures so far. After the complete collapse in april and may, the statistically recorded accommodation establishments (at least ten beds) in the district reported almost 24,000 overnight stays in june and almost 40,000 in july. However, in the last few years, the number of overnight stays has usually exceeded 40,000 in june. And july has not quite reached the previous year's figure of 43,000 overnight stays.

District of forchheim: accident with a motorcyclist on the b2 in igensdorf

district of forchheim: accident with a motorcyclist on the b2 in igensdorf

At about ten o’clock on saturday morning, an accident occurred on the B2 in igensdorf, near the pharmacy and the B2 store. Involved were a 36-year-old passenger car driver (chevrolet spark) and a 54-year-old motorcyclist (goldwing). The latter was taken to a hospital in nurnberg with minor injuries. The damage to both vehicles is estimated at 20,000 euros. Traffic was regulated by witnesses, who also provided first aid.

The 36-year-old female passenger car driver (chevrolet spark) was on the B2 coming from weibenohe towards nurnberg. "When turning left into a side street, they had overlooked the 54-year-old motorcyclist coming from the direction of nurnberg", says frank krasser, officer of the police inspection ebermannstadt, on the spot.