Good music and good deeds at the christmas concert of the youth brass orchestra mistelfeld

The christmas concert of the youth brass orchestra mistelfeld is a fixed date in the calendar of many mistelfeld citizens and guests from abroad. The audience in the packed house of worship listened attentively to the varied and emotionally charged program ranging from christmas classics and world hits to traditional christmas tunes.

With the stuck "highland cathedral", the popular bagpipe melody from 1982, conductor karlheinz kerner had a soulful piece ready right at the beginning. Chairman karl-heinz dorsch was very pleased with the many listeners.

Small private museum in geroda

Small private museum in geroda

At first the eye is overwhelmed. Everywhere, on every square inch, antiques stand, hang and pile up. You don't know where to look first. The best thing to do is to be guided by christina dietrich, who runs the small private museum with her husband karl engelhardt.

It all started 30 years ago with an enamel fish scoop. It had saved karl engelhardt from the scrap heap. The couple did a lot until the whole loffelset including ladle holder was complete. Of all the ornaments that are in their possession, this one is particularly cherished and is regularly used in the kitchen. Since then, the two have still saved many beautiful things from the garbage can.

Grobenseebach jolts together

Grobenseebach jolts together

The motto of the first grobenseebach village festival was "grobenseebach shows itself", and many supporters and visitors made sure that this motto was filled with life. The organizing team with carina geist, heike weiser, werner schrumpf and carsten bokholt looked back on a successful premiere and a very well attended day on late sunday afternoon.
"A place is only worth living through its associations and institutions and the village festival is only complete through the people who animate them", was the motto of corinna geist. It was she who introduced the idea of a village festival to the town council and needed only a few words to convince mayor bernhard seeberger () and the town council.
The fact that the idea fell on fertile ground in the community was proven by the participation of numerous clubs and companies in the commercial area and, last but not least, the many visitors. District administrator alexander tritthart (CSU), who opened the village festival together with the mayor, was also surprised by the premiere and praised the initiators for their efforts. Such events also strengthen the community in a municipality. "The variety of businesses with jobs and apprenticeships as well as the associations with their offerings make grobenseebach a community worth living in and loving", said tritthart.
At the same time as the village festival, the business park also celebrated its tenth anniversary and the helmholz company its 30th anniversary and ten years in grobenseebach. The company kracker kalte- und klimatechnik used the village fair to inaugurate its new building together with the grobenseebach volunteer fire department, and the company schubler fenster- und tursysteme celebrated its new opening. The local companies opened their doors, informed about products and services, but also about training opportunities and job offers.

Children dance and sing

With stands the grobenseebach associations and institutions introduced themselves or participated in the program like the youth band grobenseebach, whose orchestra demonstrated their musical skills. The grobenseebach elementary school and kindergarten as well as the seebachspatzen ensured enthusiasm and a relaxed atmosphere among the visitors with their dance performances and songs.
The nature conservation association was also represented, as were the traditional costume association, the home and gardening association, the kindergarten, the lunchtime supervision service and the parents’ council of the elementary school, the st.-michaelis-verein, the grobenseebacher herbst, the evangelic church community kairlindach and some more. With a children’s program and a bouncy castle, there was also something for the youngest, and various food stations ensured that the visitors did not have to go home hungry or thirsty.

Number of reported anti-semitic crimes rises significantly

Number of reported anti-Semitic crimes rises significantly

Number of reported anti-semitic crimes increased significantly in first half of year. Compared to the same period last year, the number of cases rose from 362 to 401 – an increase of 10.7 percent, according to the federal government’s response to a query by petra pau, a member of parliament for the left.

The numbers are preliminary, because it was still possible to report acts later. The central council of jews and the federal government’s anti-semitism commissioner, felix klein, reacted with dismay.

Stonemason on tour: living and working like in the middle ages

stonemason on tour: living and working like in the middle ages

He is always on the move. The van is not even completely unloaded from the last exhibition when it is already moving on again. To the next medieval market.

Stonemason sascha fidyka, his girlfriend and his daughter are passionate about visiting medieval markets all over germany. As in the past they want to live, work and sleep. This is the hobby of the family. From may to december the artist visits various spectacles, fairs and medieval christmas fairs. From 7. Until 8. September he is at the medieval market in prichsenstadt.

Bamberg is bursting at the seams

OB stark (SPD) regularly gets into the black when his gaze wanders over the silhouette of the city. Cranes are circling everywhere, work is being done feverishly in many places in the city. At the hospital, a new bed tower is growing tall, albeit with delays; work in the old town is progressing all the faster. The quarter on the city walls, which had caused debate for decades, is nearing completion.

But despite all the baularm the activities seem to be not enough. Low interest rates, population explosion (see also below) and the city's gross attraction let the real estate prices rise to dizzying heights. For many, bamberg is becoming an unaffordable place to live. The hopes of families, singles and seniors now rest on the housing projects in the lagardekaserne, where 1000 units are being built. Housing is also being created in the former US officers' housing estate, which has belonged to the city since 2018. SPD hopes for muna land. After the "off for the business park, the social democrats bet on a "residential area in the main moor forest. 

Demo farmers celebrate homecoming: now it’s off to brussel?

The joint tour to berlin has welded the farmers together. This is traceable in atzhausen (lkr. Kitzingen) on this thursday evening in the klein family's machine hall. It's been about two weeks since her trip to the stars. And where there are usually tractors and combine harvesters, around 100 farmers from all over lower franconia are now celebrating their homecoming. In the background runs chart music, on a screen a slide show with pictures of the demo. There will be beer and bratwurst. The farmers talk about a shared experience that none of them will forget in a hurry. And they already have ideas on how to proceed now.

Simone krug sits on a bench with her little daughter. The farmer from urspringen (lkr. Main-spessart) rode the entire distance on her tractor. She brought a cake to the festival: "land creates connection" stands on the back. It is the name of the initiative that mobilized the farmers for the demonstration. What krug remembers most about the trip was the reaction of the people: "people were standing on every bridge with their signs. It was so touching and even gripped the manner."

Schubel’s “a frankisch” tastes good to the whole world


There is a small brewery in stadtsteinach, but it can claim to brew one of the best beers in the world: schubels "A frankisch", the creation of brewmaster jurgen munch, won the bronze medal at the prestigious european beer star on wednesday. "That makes a brewer proud", he says.

A second beer from the region is awarded a bronze medal: the lager from the brewery in altenkunstadt, leikeim.

Foxconn plant in china closed after mass busting

Foxconn plant in china closed after mass busting

The factory remains temporarily closed after a mass strike at a foxconn factory in china. A dispute escalated at the plant in taiyuan (shanxi province) on sunday evening, the taiwanese company announced in taipei. According to the report, 2,000 workers took part in the riots. 40 were injured, several arrested.

According to a report in the chinese computer newspaper "diannaobao", the plant is also part of the production chain for the iphone 5 – which the company did not confirm when asked about the matter. Foxconn is known for manufacturing apple products, but also produces for other major computer companies such as dell, hewlett-packard and sony. Due to the unusually successful sales launch of the new iphone, there is said to be massive production pressure at foxconn, industry reports have said. Apple said monday that more than 5 million devices had been sold in the first three days of sales through sunday alone.

Unknown person steals signature lists from knetzgau town hall

The community of knetzgau thinks outside the box. She takes part in actions that help to get people out of jail who are persecuted and arrested just because they speak their mind or have a different skin color. Knetzgau stands up against human rights violations.

This happens, for example, via signature lists that are displayed in the town hall. Unbelievable what happened in the case of a persecuted iranian woman in the town hall these days.