Parking garage for 772 vehicles

Parking garage for 772 vehicles

Anette schreiber it was a long and rocky road for the ertl family of entrepreneurs until they were able to implement the plans for their new projects. Last november, the new retail center opposite the ertl center opened, first with the well-known french sporting goods company decathlon, followed in june of this year by the drugstore dm and now, right next to the ertl center, the four-story parking garage has been put into operation.

With this, gaby schrodel informs on behalf of her three siblings from the gbr management, the time of the provisional parking area on the nursing grounds has come to an end. Of course, people were grateful that, thanks to pfleger, they were able to offer ertl customers around 500 free parking spaces during the time that work was being done on the construction of the parking garage. The temporary structure will still be in use for a few more days, then the reconstruction will take place and everything will be restored to its original condition.

With a total of 772 spaces, there should be enough parking for customers of the ertl center and the specialist store center, says gaby schrodel. The modern prefabricated parking garage was built in just under a year by the company goldbeck. A company headquartered in bielefeld that operates worldwide. The next goldbeck-fertig parking garage can already be found in jackstrabe. The ertl parking garage is directly from the ertl center, so it is dry to get to in case of rain. With a width of 2.70 meters, the spaces are roughly dimensioned, says schrodel. Since they are largely column-free, the danger of unwanted contact should also be minimized. With a clearance height of 2.10 meters, even a VW bus can get through, but only without a roof stand.

Modern parking guidance system

The parking garage has a modern parking guidance system that identifies vacant spaces with green light and occupied ones with red light. It is also so intelligent that the flashing light indicates that the parking time has been exceeded. Because: the first four hours are free, after that a parking fee is charged. Parking discs should nevertheless be used.

While a total of twelve handicapped parking spaces have already been completed, it will still take time to install 16 charging stations for electric cars. According to schrodel, there is still work to be done on the facade and the ground area.

At any rate, the pit facilities should be completely finished by the end of october.

Aldi is expected to move into its new quarters next to the specialty store as early as mid october, and rewe a good month later. The ertl family of entrepreneurs, which has been in business since 1985, has designed the retail center and parking garage as a contemporary and modern addition to the ertl center. In any case, the first two specialty stores were well received, which is what is hoped for from the parking garage and the other stores.

City buries projects

The city of hallstadt also welcomes the plans. Second mayor ludwig wolf (burgerblock) describes the new developments as an important contribution to counteracting the growth in internet trade. He also uses an environmental argument: the many trips made by the various parcel services have been reduced as a result. Overall, wolf considers the ertl projects and especially the parking garage to be an enrichment and enhancement of the commercial area. "The parking garage, for example, will alleviate the tense parking situation in the area and somehow also make everything more tidy." Of course, the city also welcomes the plans from a financial point of view – with a view to revenues and ultimately taxes.

Gaby schrodel, also on behalf of her siblings, is satisfied that the mooing of the past few years has paid off with what has now been realized. In response to recurring questions, she explains that the snack and "mr. Wok" return.


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